Can’t find a Kodi add-on? Check this list

Here we find a powerful software that allows us to enjoy and manage all kinds of multimedia contents. We refer to elements of video, music, photos, television channels and more. Hence precisely the success that this software has achieved over the years, which originally came from the previously known as XBMC. We could say that Kodi is characterized by multiple reasons that make it somewhat special.

To begin with, we can highlight its peculiar user interface, totally independent of the operating system where we use it. In addition, here we are not going to find compatibility problems of multimedia formats, it has a very high reliability, and it also gives us the possibility of adding complements or additional add-ons. It is precisely these last elements that we comment on that we want to talk about next.

They could be considered as one of the greatest attractions offered by this multimedia center that we are talking about thanks to the versatility that we will obtain. These addons that we install on Kodi are prepared to increase its functionality or improve its external appearance. However, much of the controversy that has surrounded this application over the years has been caused precisely by these additional elements. The reason for this is quite simple, and that is that many developers external to the project have created their own add-ons for purposes related to the piracy.

Specifically, some of these add-ons are responsible for giving users direct access to copyrighted audio and video content.

Check the add-ons that can no longer be used on Kodi

It goes without saying that this type of software that is added to a totally legal project like Kodi is illegal. Hence precisely all the problems and over the years have surrounded this application and certain types of use. Keep in mind that the maxima are responsible for this open source project they totally disagree with the pirated use of their app. Hence, on many occasions some of these add-ons are considered illegal, eventually they are withdrawn.

At this point, on certain occasions, some users may find themselves in the situation that certain add-ons they used, suddenly stop working. The reasons for this can be several. On the one hand, it may have been removed by its own developer, it may also be damaged in some way. However, it can also be the case, quite common, that this add-on has been banned and therefore we can no longer use it on Kodi.

In case you have any doubts about the prohibition that we talked about, we will be able to consult the official listing. Specifically, we are referring to a list that has been published online and in which we find all the add-ons that are currently prohibited. The reason for all this is because the developers of the multimedia center consider that the same are illegal or otherwise violate program policies. This is something that we can consult directly from the website of Kodi’s own forums.

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