Can’t use Windows Desktop, has it frozen? We help you

At first let’s start from the basis that the Windows desktop is one of the most important elements of the whole OS. Therefore, if we begin to experience crashes with both constant and specific of this section, the annoyance can be important as well as worrisome. As a general rule, here we usually anchor both the applications and the documents and folders that we use the most on a regular basis. At the same time the desktop contains a multitude of very useful functions in the Redmond system.

With this, what we want to tell you is that the blockages of this element can become a serious problem when working on a day-to-day basis with it. Pc. In addition, there are several of the reasons why this failure can occur, while we have several solutions. This is precisely what we want to talk about in the next few lines in order to solve this annoying failure.

Reasons why Windows Desktop freezes

Throughout our sessions with him Microsoft operating system we passed by the Desk on many occasions. We interact with it to open certain folders anchored here, execute program shortcuts, create new ones, access the screen settings, the System trash, etc. And this is how we tell you, there are many functions that we can carry out from here. But when we try this sometimes we can see that the desktop itself freezes and we can not finish the search process.

For example, this is a failure that can be caused by a recent update that we have installed in the operating system, something that hardly anyone else is surprised by. There may also be some kind of incompatibility with some of the applications that we have opened or that we have recently installed in Windows. Elements of the importance of the system’s own files also come into play here, since some may be failing.

And speaking of incompatibilitiesIf we have recently installed a hardware peripheral in the PC and from then on the problems have started, we can be suspicious. But as is usual in these cases, the operating system itself presents us with several solutions that we can use.

How to fix Desktop crashes

Therefore, in the event that you are experiencing crashes on the Windows desktop, let’s see what we can do. What is quite evident is that working with a Windows Desktop that does not work correctly is too uncomfortable. Precisely for all this we must try to find a solution more or less radical so that everything returns to normal.

Next, we are going to try to help you in this regard with some solutions simple, in addition to some more complex or that could be considered as extreme.

Restart the PC to fix the problem

Although it seems somewhat obvious, one of the first solutions that we are going to have to use is the most elementary. By this, what we mean is that restarting the computer completely is usually quite effective in many failures with the operating system. This can be done, for example, by using the Alt + F4 key combination if we cannot open the start menu by this lock.

Another possibility that we have In this sense if the desktop is frozen is to use the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del. In the new window that appears we will have the possibility to turn off or restart the PC.

Uninstall problematic apps

We have already told you that sometimes it may be the case that we install a certain program in Windows and the problems begin. In fact, this becomes potentially more dangerous in the event that the program has been obtained by some somewhat strange source. At the same time, the most powerful applications that we can install on the PC can also cause certain faults and incompatibilities.

In the event that we have installed a software solution recently and the Desktop crashes have started, we recommend that you remove it. We can do this from the Control Panel, accessing the option to Uninstall a program.

Update display drivers

This type of desktop crashes can also be caused by a problem with the display drivers from the PC. For whatever reason, these drivers that we are talking about may be damaged or simply out of date. That is why this translates into various problems related to Windows graphics sections, such as this case.

Therefore, we recommend upgrade these drivers to their latest version, for example, by right-clicking the start button. Here we will see that we can access the Device Manager.

update drivers

Now we only have to locate the entry called Display adapters, right-click on this element and update the driver.

Load a Windows restore point

For those who do not know, it is interesting to know that by effect Windows 10 creates restore points before certain important events. For example, when an update is installed in the system or when we add a program. At that time, the operating system creates an automatic restore point in case a problem occurs, as is the case at hand.

In this way, assuming that we are experiencing Desktop locks, we can try to restore a previous point. To do this, just type Recovery in the search box on the Taskbar. This will take us to a new window belonging to the Control Panel where we click on Open system restore.

restore system

Here we will find the restore points created, both automatic and manual, so that we can restore the system to a time in the past when it worked well.

Update Windows to its latest version

When we detect errors in Microsoft’s operating system, like this one that results in desktop crash, we also recommend updating the operating system. This can fix many problems that suddenly appear in Windows that are usually caused by some incompatibility. That is why at this point the best we can do is open the configuration application through the keys Win + I.

Windows Update Directx

Next, we go to the update and security section, where we will not see the Windows Update function. It must be said that here we will already have the possibility of updating the operating system to the most recent version sent by Microsoft.

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