Capstone Games announces the next news 2021

Capstone Games announced what the next ones will be Announcements due out in 2021 under its brand in the coming months, it is a board game completely new and an expansion for Pipeline.

The new board games coming out in the coming months will be titled Pipeline: Emerging Markets is Lux Aeterna. Let’s take a closer look at what it is.

The news of 2021 published by Capstone Games

The first novelty of 2021 is precisely Pipeline: Emerging Markets, an expansion of Pipeline, the first highly regarded title published by Capstone Games.

This expansion contains 5 new modules to be added to the main game in any combination. Pipeline: Emerging Markets was created by the same author who created the base game, Ryan Courtney, and illustrated by Ian O’Toole (Clinic, Carnegie, On Mars), addresses 2-4 players aged 12 and over and keeps the duration of the games in the order of about 90 minutes each.

Lux Aeterna will be the first solo game of Capstone Games and will be published in collaboration with Frosted Games. In this title, designed by Tony Boydell and illustrated by Alex Lee, players will find themselves imprisoned on a spaceship that is falling into a black hole.

Lux Aeterna is aimed at players of age 10 or older and will have a duration of about 15 minutes per game. In this board game, players draw and play cards from a main deck, one turn after another, trying to keep the spaceship intact and not fall into the black hole. Cards have multiple functions and can serve to perform an action or move towards the black hole, but also damage a system. Players must decide where to allocate the card based on these functions each turn, optimizing its use to achieve final salvation.

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