Capture all the stars with your mobile with this peculiar accessory

Celestron NexYZ: turn your smartphone into a telescope

That’s right, as you are reading in the headline above, thanks to this Hama accessory you will be able to take pictures and videos with your phone as if you had a telescope or binoculars among its cameras.

And it is precisely speaking of these elements, what the Celestron NexYZ will allow us to do is to couple practically any mobile on the market to a telescope, microscope, or binoculars to be able to go much further (or closer, depending on where you look at it) with the cameras of that team that we always carry in our pocket.

The mounting It is quite simple according to the manufacturer himself. We will only have to:

  • fix the adapter of the accessory itself to the eyepiece of the equipment to which we want to attach it, that is, to the binoculars, telescope or microscope. Do this whole process without having the smartphone mounted.
  • Once properly docked, place your smartphone on the accessory.
  • Now, with the phone’s camera app open, find the alignment with the accessory axes so that what the telescope is seeing, for example, can be properly viewed through the mobile screen. And you are ready to start taking photos or recording video.

As for the compatibility of the Celestron NexYZ with different equipment, the range is quite wide. This device can be adapted to any 35mm – 60mm diameter eyepiece, including telescopes equipped with 1.25 “or 2” eyepieces, binoculars and monoculars. In case you want to use it with a microscope, you will have to purchase a adapter ring to be purchased separately.

In the case of smartphones, the Celestron NexYZ has enough space to be able to use it with almost any of the latest phone models of the market like the current iPhone 13 or the Samsung Galaxy S21. Still, the manufacturer recommends looking at the product specifications before purchasing to check the dimensions.

Celestron NexYZ Price and Availability

Now that you know it thoroughly, you may want to get one now. Hama has already listed its Celestron NexYZ for a suggested retail price of 64 euros which you can find on its official website.

However, if it is more comfortable for you buy it through AmazonYou should know that you have this possibility but paying a little more for it. Specifically, at the time of writing this article, the increase is about 14 euros.

The link linked to this article is part of our Amazon affiliate agreement and may earn us a small commission (without influencing the price you pay). Even so, the decision to publish it has been made freely, under the editorial criteria of El Output, without attending to suggestions or requests from the brands involved.

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