Capture your Mac screen with Dropbox

Dropbox going late. Now the famous developer of spaces in the cloud wants to promote remote work from home. A year ago it would have been nice, but now it’s late, too late.

First because the one who has done or continues to do remote work you already have your system set up with various applications for videoconferencing and exchanging information between workgroups. And second, because more and more people are returning to face-to-face work, leaving aside the remote. But hey, it’s never too late if happiness is good … let’s see what they offer us …

Dropbox is about to launch three important applications to promote remote work from home. With Dropbox Capture, for example, you can capture what happens on your Mac or Windows PC screen to share it with your workgroup.

Dropbox Capture It is now available in beta on all individual and company plans. It is an all-in-one visual communication tool that helps team members share their tasks and ideas asynchronously.

The second novelty is Dropbox Replay. It is a complementary tool to the previous one designed to comment and annotate these screenshots. It is not available yet, but you can join a waiting list for early access if you wish.

And the third is Dropbox Shop, an application designed to help creators sell digital content such as stock photos and video clips. Dropbox Shop allows you to sell creations of digital content that you have stored in your Dropbox account.

If you are interested in trying them on beta phaseWell, join the waiting list from here. For now, the three applications in beta will be available only in English. The official version is expected to be available now in more languages.

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