Capturing the screen of your Mac can be very easy with these apps

Learn how to capture the screen of your Mac

Do you want to dedicate yourself to streaming? Tutorials are your thing? We can think of endless possibilities to learn how to capture the screen of a Mac.

And to help you decide which method is best, from SoydeMac we teach you how to use the screen recording tool itself on your Mac, as well as the four best third-party applications to take screenshots. Do not miss it!

Apple’s Choice: QuickTime

Apple by default has its own screen recording tool. Specifically, it is using your media player QuickTime Player. You can find this player installed by default on the systemso if you access Applications you can see it installed, or by looking for it in Spotlight.

In the menu bar at the top of the screen, click “Archive” and select “New Screen Recording”. If you are a fan of keyboard shortcuts, you can do it with the combination of the keys Ctrl + Command + N. Once this is done, a small window will appear with recording options.

When we already have the parameters clear, we can start the video recording process by pressing the REC button (Red point) in the recording window or just press the space key on your keyboard.

Another very cool QuickTime feature is the ability to record part of the screen and not its entirety. To do so, simply mark the area you want to record with the cursor and the program will only cover that strip.

When you’re done making your video clip, just tap Stop (blank square). Then a window to save the video file will open automatically. Choose the desired file name and location and click “Keep”.

The professional route: use third-party applications

If QuickTime falls short, we can always turn to more professional third-party applications that allow us to record the screen of our device. The most notable are the following:

obs studio

OBS Studio allows you to record the screen of your Mac

For streaming, it’s the best free app out there

The queen of apps used by streamers of all the world. OBS Studio allows you to record your Mac screen as well as various video sources such as webcams, window shots, screenshots, still images, and more.

In addition to the screen recording option, the program makes it easy for us to be able to carry out live broadcasts on the most common platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch or Facebook Live.

OBS Studio has great extra possibilities so you don’t have to resort to editing the video afterwards: you can create multiple scenes with different video sources and various configurations, allowing you to change the design of your video during your recordings without much difficulty, as well as the possibility of adding layers and effects to personalize it.

Lastly, and hand in hand with the latter, the program includes an editor with basic functions such as cropping, resizing, rotating, and color adjustment tools to customize the appearance of your content.

And the best thing about the program is that it is an open source project: it is available for free without having to pay anything for it. The download must be done from the manufacturer’s own website, since It is not available on the AppStore.


ScreenFlow allows you to record the screen of your Mac

The following application, contrary to OBS Studio, is paid but offers quite a few full features. Through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, ScreenFlow allows you to get started in content recording and editing, being a very valid option for both beginners and more advanced users in this field.

To record the screen of your Mac the application allows us to record both the entire screen, as well as a specific area or even a specific applicationwhich can be very useful for making tutorials.

ScreenFlow offers a wide range of intuitive video editing tools. You can trim, split, join clips, adjust playback speed, add transitions, animations, video and audio effects, as well as use advanced features like color correction and green background.

For all these reasons, we believe that ScreenFlow can be a very interesting option if you want to invest in a simple app to record the screen of your Mac and do more serious editing. The only negative point is the cost, which is around 200 euros.


Camtasia is the best app to capture the screen

Another well-known application in the world of recording and that is a more than valid option to record the screen of your Mac is Camtasia.

This application, which is also paid for, allows you to try it for a while to see if it convinces you and we believe that, due to its functions, it can be a more than interesting option to be able to edit your videos.

Camtasia is a popular tool for creating video content on Mac due to its combination of screen recording and video editing in one app and it is usually recommended both in image editing schools, as well as by marketing professionals for achieving a mix of being able to do high-quality editing and being easy to use.

Among the options to be able to record the screen of your Mac, the application allows us, in addition to capturing the video, to choose whether we want to record the audio from the system or from the microphone and also capture the webcam simultaneously, so we are faced with a very useful tool to create tutorials, presentations or software demos.

He Camtasia cost is high: the license costs about 299 dollars, so we understand that it is an option more advisable for professionals in the sector and not so much for enthusiasts and is downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.


Screenium is the best value for money app

The last option is another application that is aimed at users who are looking for an all-in-one solution to capture and edit content easily and flexibly. Screenium It allows us to make the same type of recording as Camtasia and basically has a good part of the same functions, but it adds an option that can be very interesting: allows us to make annotations and highlights within the video itself while we are recording. With this app you can add text, shapes, arrows, highlights, and other graphic elements to emphasize key points or provide additional explanations in your videos.

This option tells us that, without a doubt, if we want to record the screen of our Mac to perform tutorials or classeswe find the ideal application to do it.

As an additional advantage, we can talk about its cost: with its price of 69.99 euros, we find ourselves with the most complete and, in general, the best application for making recordings. for all types of public.

In summary, here we conclude with our selection of the best tools to record the screen of your Mac. If we had to opt for any of them, in the event that you are starting to take your first steps in the tutorials, we would tell you that try quicktime first and obs studio because they are free tools and if you are going to dedicate yourself to this professionally, that you value the other alternatives with cost. And if you also want to learn how to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad, we recommend that you take a look at this other article that we think will be very useful for you.

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