Careful! These Gigabyte motherboards have been affected by a serious security problem

Today we tell you which models it affects and if there is any kind of solution at the moment.

What has happened and who is affected?

This security vulnerability would affect hundreds of models, including the Z790 and X670 which are fairly recent but not free of the problem. That means that the error would be affecting both Intel and AMD, regardless of the brand or age of your motherboard.

The problem comes when windows suggests a new one Firmware update, something completely normal and routine, however in this, there is a security breach by which Gigabyte boards would be downloading without consulting and without prior permission from the user, programs and other software automatically. Therefore, once we restart Windows and this new firmware is installed, we will no longer be the owners of what may happen.

Hackers are aware of these news and will do everything they can to take advantage of these bugs. Recently we can see it in the MSI problem, which received a cyberattack for one of these breaches.

Now, you know that the problem can be harmless but also dangerous, so we are going to see which plates are affected, and if yours is on this list, what can we do to solve it and be at least a little more insurance.

Here you have the official list.

are exactly 271 modelsbut some of them were very sold in their day so you may have one.

gigabyte motherboard error

For now the brand has not spoken too much, they have only explained that they are aware of the case and that they are working to fix itTherefore, the only thing we can do is wait for the next update, trust that it won’t have any problems, and protect ourselves for the moment, being careful and installing an antivirus that, although not very effective in some cases, can give us alerts that make us be To the.

Eclypsium’s director of strategy and research, John Loucaides, commented that: “If you have one of these machines, you have to worry about the fact that it’s basically taking something from the Internet and running it without you being involved, and it hasn’t done any of this safely.”

Rich Smith director of a cybersecurity startup explains that: «Here there is no intention, only carelessness. But no, I would not like the person who programs my firmware to be careless.”

This error can affect Gigabyte’s reputation a lot, but for now if you have one of their motherboards, all you have to do is wait and hope that they fix it as soon as possible.

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