Careful! They have been able to steal all your WhatsApp chats and so you can check it

We have seen on many occasions how hackers aim to attack whatsapp of his victims. They can intercept messages, steal information, impersonate identity… In this article we echo a new attack that affects this messaging application. We are going to tell you how it works, what happens if they manage to attack you and, most importantly, how you can know if you have been a victim and what to do to prevent this from happening.

It is an application called SafeChat, which they are using to infect devices. They are not only going to intercept WhatsApp messages, but also call logs, text messages or even GPS locations of the phones. All this will put privacy and security at risk.

Steal data through WhatsApp

A group of CYFIRMA security researchers has detected this new threat. It is mainly distributed through fake messages that arrive on WhatsApp, which are actually Phishing. They look for the victim to download that app, which is what the malware contains, and start stealing messages and data.

This app is called SafeChat. It may seem harmless, but actually carries malicious payload and executing it is when the problem starts. To convince the victim, they use social engineering to get them to download and install the program. For example, they can tell them that it is an app to improve their security and avoid problems.

The SafeChat application really looks like a normal messaging program. That can make the victim think all the time that he is using legitimate software, but the reality is that he is exposing his privacy and security. You are going to grant permissions for the spyware can access the contact list, SMS, call log, GPS data…

This malware has the ability to steal information of all kinds, as you see. It can be done with the messages of applications such as WhatsApp, SMS, etc. All of that will go directly to a server controlled by hackers. This is how they will complete the robbery, without the victim being aware of it.

Check if you have been attacked

But is there any way to know if you are victim of this attack? The truth is that knowing if you have been attacked with this application called SafeChat is very simple. Just look if at some point you have installed it. As we have mentioned, it usually comes through a link that is sent to you by WhatsApp. Have you installed any app from a link that has come to you through this means?

Of course, in case you detect that you have installed this program or any other unknown similar one, it is key that you delete it immediately. This will help you improve your security and prevent them from being used against you. If you are in this situation, you should change all your passwords as soon as possible. It is important to know what to do if you receive a false link on WhatsApp.

It is key to always install apps from official sources. Never download programs from sites that may be a fraud. It could be a scam and seriously jeopardize your security. What is convenient is that you check the origin of the software very well and, in addition, that you have a good antivirus installed to quickly detect possible malicious software.

As you can see, there is a new threat that can put whatsapp at risk and much more information that you have on your mobile. It is important that you take measures to avoid falling into this trap, in addition to checking if you may have a malicious program that is stealing your data without your knowledge.

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