Carrefour launches Hopla, a chatbot based on ChatGPT for shopping

Carrefour has just announced the launch this Thursday, June 8, 2023 of three innovative tools based on the famous OpenAI ChatGPT-4 AI. The brand now offers a robot on its site that can help consumers shop according to different criteria (budget, food constraints, etc.).

AI launch crossroads
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For years now, Carrefour has regularly made sure to be at the cutting edge of technology. The retail brand was one of the first to enter the metaverse in May 2022, with job interviews conducted directly in this virtual universe.

Carrefour has also gone 100% electric. After a partnership with Tesla to install Superchargers in its car parks in February 2022, the company decided to install charging stations in Carrefour Market parking areas.

After the metaverse and electric mobility, it is therefore logical to see Carrefour invest in the technology of the moment: artificial intelligence. Indeed, the competitor of Auchan and Géant Casino announces the launch this Thursday, June 8, 2023 of three new technologies based on Chat-GPT 4, OpenAI’s conversational AI.

AI launch crossroads
Credits: Carrefour

Carrefour launches an AI for shopping

Let’s start with the most important to us: Hopla. Behind this name hides the new chabot launched by Carrefour. Via this robot based on ChatGPT-4, the idea is simple: help users with their shopping.

Directly available on the home page of the Carrefour site, customers can ask for help in compose baskets of products according to a desired budget, dietary constraints or menu ideas. Thus, the robot can for example offer you a basket without gluten, or entirely composed of organic products.

In the same vein, we can ask him to design a fruit and vegetable basket for 4 people for a week, with a limited budget of 30 or 50 €. A valuable feature, especially in these times of inflation. According to Carrefour, the Hopla robot is already available on the Carrefour site, but strangely impossible to find the slightest trace of it for the moment.

AI also makes it possible to enrich product sheets

In addition, Carrefour has started to use AI to enrich the brand’s product sheets. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence, Carrefour intends to offer more detailed product sheets on its site, and this more quickly than before. The results are already visible, with more than 2,000 additional product sheets added to the site.

The integration of OpenAI technologies is a great opportunity for Carrefour. By being a pioneer in the use of generative AI, we want to take a step ahead and invent the commerce of tomorrow”, said Alexandre Bompard, CEO of the Carrefour group.

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