Carrefour now runs job interviews in the metaverse

Carrefour enters the metaverse. The French group hosted a recruitment event accessible in virtual reality. Candidates invited by Carrefour also had job interviews directly in the metaverse.

Since Facebook renamed itself Meta, many brands have embarked on digital universes accessible in virtual and augmented reality, such as Nike, Adidas, Gucci, or Samsung. This is also the case for Carrefour.

The French retail brand has launched in the metaverse last January. Carrefour has indeed bought digital land in the world of The Sandbox, one of the metaverses that rely on the blockchain. The company simply announced: “we acquired an area equivalent to 30 supermarkets in the metaverse. Stay tuned for the next experiments and innovations”.

Carrefour has opened a huge virtual campus

Obviously, Carrefour has developed a virtual campus which makes it possible to interact with job seekers. On his Twitter account, Alexandre Bompard, CEO of the Carrefour group, posted a video showing what this digital world looks like with the image of the brand.

“Having a job interview facing the sea in Paris: today I was taking my first steps in the Metaverse, in the guise of a funny avatar, with young data analyst or data scientist candidates… Carrefour is innovating , learn, surprise!”, welcomes Alexandre Bompard. The group is obviously looking for experts in the field of data processing.

In the video, we hear Alexandre Bompard host an online conference only accessible in the metaverse. “This is Carrefour’s first recruitment event in the metaverse”exclaims the leader for the candidates.

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The sequence offers a glimpse of the digital world. Located by the sea, the space is decorated with umbrellas and sports blue skies. In short, we are far from the atmosphere of a Parisian recruitment event. The video did not convince Internet users. Most users have found the video ridiculous, in particular because of its 2D graphics worthy of a poor quality PS1 game and its avatars reduced to the simplest expression. What do you think ? We are waiting for your opinion.

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