Carrefour will install 5,000 charging stations for electric cars in France

Carrefour has just announced the launch of Carrefour Énergies, an electric charging station service available in all of its hypermarkets and Carrefour Market. According to the statements of the large retailer, no less than 5,000 charging points will be installed by 2025.

Credits: Carrefour

With a steady rise in electric car sales in France, more and more companies have decided to capitalize on the success of electric mobility by offering services for owners of this type of vehicle. This is the case, for example, of the Casino group, which has signed a partnership with Tesla to install Superchargers in the car parks of the brand’s stores.

In March 2021, Carrefour announced that it intended to install 2,000 charging stations in the car parks of its hypermarkets by 2023. However, the retail brand has obviously decided to move up a gear. In effect, the brand launches this Friday, April 1, 2022 Carrefour Énergiesan electric charging station service accessible in all hypermarkets and Carrefour Market in France.

After announcing the gradual installation of 2,000 charging points by 2023 for all of its hypermarkets, Carrefour is accelerating and extending its deployment program to all of its Carrefour Market supermarkets, starting in the second half of 2022. ″, details Carrefour in an official press release.

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Carrefour strengthens its service dedicated to electromobility

According to the brand, 3000 additional charging stationspowered 100% by green energy, will be installed in the car parks of the group’s hypermarkets and supermarkets by 2025. With such an infrastructure, Carrefour ensures that it offers the first electric charging network in France with more than 700 stations and 5,000 equipped spaces, half of which are supplied with high power by ENEDIS.

The first charging station stamped Carrefour Énergies will be accessible to customers of the Troyes – La Chapelle Saint-Luc hypermarket from April 8, 2022. As the French company specifies, each hypermarket should accommodate 10 places equipped with a charging station, 5 places for supermarkets. The brand adds that it intends to offer a complete charging offer, ranging from 22 kW to 300 kW:

  • a “comfort” recharging service at 22 kW, free for the first hour for customers with a loyalty card or a Pass Carrefour card
  • a fast charging service between 50 and 300 kW, allowing you to fully recharge your battery between 20 and 60 minutes depending on capacity
  • a free service dedicated to recharging electric bikes and scooters

Note that users will need to download the Carrefour Energies applicationavailable on Android and iOS, to locate stations and trigger/pay for charging at brand terminals.

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