Casafari manages to extend its Serie A round to $ 20 million

Casafari, the real estate network that connects more than 20,000 real estate professionals with 125 million property listings, has achieved extend your Serie A round to $ 20 million. The strategic investment of a Starwood Capital Group affiliate company has been decisive in this regard.

The new funding will support Casafari’s continued growth including investment in its data science, product and engineering capabilities. It will also use the new capital to expand its operations to Germany in January 2022 and deploy its portfolio solutions (“Portfolio solutions”), the company’s new service that allows institutional investors to build their own personalized portfolios of single-family rental homes.

The partnership with Starwood Capital will provide Casafari with deep experience and knowledge in the real estate sector as it develops its portfolio solutions service.

“Casafari’s real estate data network simplifies analytics from a wide range of fragmented data sources, enabling investors to efficiently search for single-family homes at scale,” said Leander McCormick-Goodhart, vice president of Starwood Capital. “We are delighted to partner with Casafari as Starwood Capital continues to pursue innovative investment strategies and work with leading proptech companies”.

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Impact on local communities

«Casafari was born with the mission of having a positive impact on local communities. We address the chaos and information asymmetry in the real estate sector through a organized and efficient ecosystem enabled by our proprietary data technology and AI »says Mila Suharev, Co-CEO, Product and Data at Casafari. “We are excited to partner with Starwood Capital to build a market leading company that will revolutionize the way property is transacted in Europe”.

According to Nils Henning, Founder and CEO, “As one of America’s largest single and multi-family homeowners, we are proud to have Starwood Capital. We have created the largest network of real estate professionals in Europe, we have earned the trust of the main brands and we have set a new standard in real estate SaaS technology. Casafari’s new portfolio solutions service has achieved mandates of more than 250 million dollars to invest in individual units for long-term rental, providing liquidity to the markets and accelerating transactions for real estate agents ».

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