Casavo settles in Malaga with an investment of 10 million euros

The platform announced a few days ago the start of its operations in Malagawith an investment plan of more than 10 million euros to buy houses in the city. This announcement is part of the company’s strategic regional expansion plan, which aims to capitalize 5% of real estate transactions in Malaga.

With a local team that will grow to 15 people in the coming months and a new headquarters in the city, located in the Innovation Campus – Malaga PalaceCasavo has already acquired its first property located in the Perchel neighbourhood, thus marking the start of its operations in the city, which are expected to exceed fifty transactions throughout 2022.

The technology of the platform allows people who want to sell their house receive an instant valuation of your property and an offer to buy in just 48 hours, making possible the direct purchase of the property in just seven days. Once the home was acquired, Casavo reform completely adapting it to current uses and needs and putting it up for sale again as soon as possible, always at market prices. In this way, transaction times are reduced and a traditionally long and complex process is streamlined, both for sellers and buyers.

Through this business model based on technology, Casavo also contributes to the transformation of the professional sector, providing the agencies with which it works with a quick and simple solution to expedite the exit of the properties from your portfolio. To date, the company has a network of more than 4,000 collaborating agencies globally, and more than 500 in Spain.

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In this context, the company’s arrival in the city of Malaga seeks to expand its inclusive business model by working with local agencies to help them increase their business results. All this with a clear objective: to contribute to improving the development of one of the cities with the greatest growth potential in Spain.

Malaga, at the forefront of Spanish growth

The Malaga market has managed to position itself as referent of the economic growth of Spain. This is reflected in the year-on-year growth rates achieved in 2021, which stood at 5.4%, compared to 4.5% in Spain, according to the latest barometer from the Malaga College of Economists. In this context, Casavo focuses on the city of Malaga at a time when it presents unprecedented dynamism and attractiveness for the real estate market. So much so that, in 2021, the city was on the verge of its historical sales recordregistering almost 33,000 operations, the highest volume of transactions since 2007.

Malaga is also a digital pole in constant development, thus consolidating its attractiveness for attracting global talent, a reason that has led international companies such as Google, Vodafone, Globant or Citibank to choose this city for the development of their operations. In this sense, Malaga is the third province in Spain in which more companies were created during the first month of 2022, reaching 569 new companies, 7% of the total in the Spanish geography.

Taking into account this promising scenario, Casavo has decided to settle in Malaga due to the amazing potential that the city shows in a new paradigm marked by the innovation, talent and economic development. All this, complemented by a constantly growing real estate market, characterized by high demand, liquidity and a high number of annual transactions that determine the health of the sector.

Expansion in the Spanish market, one of the company’s priorities

After the landing of the company in Madrid and Barcelona in 2020 and 2021, Malaga becomes the third Spanish city where Casavo operates. This only shows that the technology developed by the company allows the decongestion of the real estate sectoras well as the optimization of housing sales transactions, providing transparency and liquidity to it.

This 2022, at Casavo we have set ourselves the goal of promoting our regional expansion in Spain. Thus, Malaga is a strategic city for our operations, as a result of its great attraction for technology companies such as Casavo, its sustained economic growth and the great dynamism of its market.”, points out Francisco Sierra, General Director of Casavo for Spain and Portugal.

This operation is carried out within the strategic expansion plan that the company is carrying out in the Spanish market.

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