Cases to travel with the iPad without fear of breaking

What requirements does an iPad case have to meet?

Obviously, whenever you are going to choose an accessory of this type for your iPad, you have to take into account a series of points that are key to enjoying a satisfactory user experience. Then we leave you the aspects that you have to assess whenever you go to buy a case or a briefcase with which to protect your iPad when transporting it from one place to another.

  • The first and surely the most important point is the protection. You have to pay special attention to both the materials of the accessory and the way that the case or briefcase has to keep the iPad safely inside.
  • The compatibility It is essential, the ideal is that you always acquire an accessory that has been designed and developed exclusively for your iPad. However, there are also fantastic alternatives depending on the size of the device, in that case you have to be completely sure that your iPad is fully compatible.
  • The fact of having other compartments It is also very important, especially if your iPad will be accompanied by other accessories such as the Apple Pencil, a keyboard or even a mouse.
  • The design It is also a point that you have to value, especially if you are going to use this case or briefcase to go to work or to places where a defined style is required.

Universal briefcases or covers for any iPad

We begin this compilation by talking to you about a series of alternatives that have been designed to be able to place any iPad model that is on the market inside. As we mentioned before, in these cases it is very important that the iPad has a well-guarded space where to place it, and in this case, both alternatives comply with it.

KROSER Briefcase


Briefcases are always a great alternative for transporting electronic devices. We are usually used to associating this type of accessories with laptops, however, it is also totally valid to be able to locate any iPad model on the market within it.

In this case, this briefcase is made of water resistant fabric and of high quality. It has different compartments multifunctional so, obviously, you can store more devices apart from the iPad such as all the accessories you use to get the most out of it. Its design makes it easily transportable, and it is undoubtedly a fantastic option for traveling.

Amazon Basics – Briefcase

Amazon basics

Amazon itself also manufactures these types of accessories and it is undoubtedly a fantastic alternative if you want carry iPad safely and comfortably. Initially it is designed for laptops, but thanks to the different compartments it can also be used to store the iPad inside.

One of the advantages of having a briefcase of these characteristics is that you will not have space problems at any time to also be able to store all the accessories that accompany your iPad. It has carrying handles and removable men’s strap as well as a cross strap to attach it to a suitcase when traveling. It is made of very resistant black polyester.

Always keep iPad mini safe

Once we have put two universal alternatives on your table, with which you can transport any iPad without any problem, we are going to focus on accessories that have been designed and carried out especially for the iPad mini. It is the smallest iPad of all, and also the easiest to transport, so you always have to do it by giving it the best protection.

TiMOVO case compatible with iPad mini

TiMOVO case compatible with iPad mini

TiMOVO is one of the most popular manufacturers when it comes to iPad cases and obviously it could not be missing from this compilation. In this case it offers a fantastic alternative that has been thought and developed exclusively for the smallest iPad of all, the iPad mini.

It is made of very high quality material since it is made of 900D polyester, which has a high degree of scratch and abrasion resistance. In addition, an important point that we mentioned to you is that it has a small compartment front where you can store other devices such as a mouse and even your iPhone. But not enough with this, on the inside you can also enjoy two pockets where in addition to locating your iPad you can place your keyboard, a book or whatever you want.

TiMOVO Case for 8-9 inch Tablet

TiMOVO Tablet Case

We continue with another of the alternatives of the company TiMOVO, which as you can see, is a manufacturer that cares for and pampers the iPad mini. In this case, although aesthetically the cover looks quite similar to the alternative that we showed you previously, the concept changes slightly. In this case we have the typical envelope style sleeve, where you can easily insert your device into it.

The material from which this cover is made is of the highest quality, a material polyester that stands out for its softness and that it is able to avoid scratches and protect the iPad from dust, dirt and any accidental blow that it may suffer. It also has a small pocket on the front where you can store other accessories.

Protect your iPad

We are advancing in size. We put aside the iPad mini and now we focus on the iPad, surely Apple’s best device if we look at that famous quality / price ratio. This iPad is ideal for students, and therefore it is especially important to have a good case that is able to protect it during all those trips from home to university.

inShang Universal Case for iPad


This case is one of the most common alternatives that all iPad users have taken into account in order to provide their device with the necessary protection to always keep it safe from any bump or scratch. It has a traditional one-color design but that will undoubtedly give the device a touch very elegant.

The manufacturer inShang has opted in this case for a type of cover folio style, where the iPad will be kept solely and exclusively inside and the accessories can be inserted into the front pocket. It is made of an external material that is resistant to water and inside it has a layer of polyester foam padding and a soft and fluffy interior.

MoKo 9-11 inch protective case


Although this case has not been designed exclusively for the iPad, it does offer everything you need, becoming one of the most attractive alternatives you can find. First it has a very elegant design which, as it cannot be otherwise, perfectly accompanies the aesthetics and essence of the Apple device.

It is made of high quality material, a polyester with very soft inner lining and padded with thick sponges that will protect the iPad from any blow it may suffer. Also has different compartments that will come in handy to be able to save and transport all the accessories that you usually use with your iPad.

11-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air Cases

We continue to increase in size and now it’s time to give you different alternatives for two iPads that are practically traced in size, they are the 11-inch iPad Pro and the iPad Air. Two devices that delight all users who have the pleasure of having them in their day-to-day life.

MOSISO Soft Case compatible with iPad Pro 11 inches and iPad Air

MOSISO soft case

Both the iPad Pro and the iPad Air are two devices that have a high price, they are also two iPads that offer a very usable screen size but without giving up the portability that so characterizes this type of product. That is why it is vital to be able to have a case like this that is capable of providing that security whenever you take it out of the house to take it anywhere.

This MOSISO cover meets all the requirements that we mentioned at the beginning of this post. In the first place, the materials from which it is made provide that security to iPad front to any possible bump or scratch that may suffer. In addition, it also offers a front pocket which is ideal to store different accessories there. Finally, its design is very elegant and modern, ideal for both the iPad Pro and the iPad Air.

MoKo 11 inch tablet sleeve

MoKo 11 inch

We return with another cover from this brand but the reality is that the product is worth it. It is made of polyester fiber that it is capable of giving the iPad that protection it needs so that its integrity when transporting it is not a headache and you can do it with total peace of mind and very comfortably.

It has two well differentiated compartments. The main one, reserved for storing the iPad, has a really soft lining that increases even more the protection of the iPad. In the secondary one, of a smaller size, you can store accessories such as headphones, mouse, or even the iPhone.

The larger iPad needs protection too

Surely, and in the same way that it happens to all users, when you saw the 12.9-inch iPad Pro for the first time, you were amazed by its size. This means that, on the one hand, the user enjoys a fantastic screen, but on the other, that transporting it is somewhat more complicated and above all, more attention must be paid to its protection. For this we offer you the following alternatives.

Voova Laptop Sleeve


Surely the feeling you have had when seeing this case is that you have already seen it on numerous occasions and it is that it really has the typical design of the cases that you can find for any Mac or laptop. This happens because the 12.9 iPad Pro actually has the same screen size that the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air can have, hence that type of covers can also be used with this iPad.

In this case, this Voova alternative offers a three-layer protectionMade with Oxford fabric, it is able to repel water, it also has foam cushions that provide that extra protection to the device. In addition, it offers different compartments where you can place accessories such as the charger, the Apple Pencil, the mouse or the headphones.

Tomtoc Portfolio Case


We finish the compilation with a really striking cover but it seems like one of the best options you can choose, both for the security it offers and for everything you can put in it. Its outer shell is made of EVA material, which is resistant and prevents deformation, protecting the iPad against possible falls and shocks.

Inside it has different storage locations well differentiated. In one you can locate the iPad, how could it be otherwise, but in the other you will have enough space to be able to store numerous accessories such as the Apple Pencil, charger, headphones, keyboard, mouse, wallet, storage devices, in short, that In this case you can store everything you need to use with your iPad.

For us, these are the best

Whenever we make this type of compilation, from the editorial team of La Manzana Bordida We want to tell you which are the options that have caught our attention the most. Obviously it is our opinion based on our preferences, which may or may not be similar to yours.

We started with the universal briefcases, in this case we opted for the one offered by Amazon itself, both for its design and its size. For him iPad mini we stay with TiMOVO’s first alternativeas it offers numerous compartments inside. Following the same criteria, for the iPad we choose the one offered by the brand MoKo and so much for him 11-inch iPad Pro as for him iPad Air, the cover chosen is that of MOSIS. Finally, the case that most caught our attention for the 12.9 iPad Pro has been the one offered by the brand Tomtoc with its case where you can store practically everything.

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