Casino design and architecture, how color and sound create atmosphere

The background music that you hear in a casino or in a Clash of Pirates slot is there for a reason. The team sat down and came up with such music to subconsciously influence your actions when you are on the site.

In addition, the choice of colors and graphics you will see on the website also plays a role in influencing your actions on the website.

How the atmosphere helps you enjoy the games       

Casinos combine the science of psychology and marketing strategies when choosing each color or sound pattern. Read on to learn more.


When you visit the website of any virtual casino, the first thing that will catch your eye will be bright banners and a lot of colorful details that will help you to distract yourself after a hard day’s work.

According to psychology, warm colors are good for stimulating the brain to action. These include colors such as

  • yellow;
  • pink;
  • brown;
  • orange.

They do this by evoking a warm, comfortable feeling in the viewer. This effect is transformed into a feeling of joy, intimacy, and the need to act. Now you know why warm colors are used in the casino gaming area.

On the other hand, cool colors, such as blue, green, and purple, convey

  • objectivity;
  • functionality;
  • security;
  • status of the institution.

You will probably find them on the homepage, contact, FAQ, and other business sections of the casino.


Players come to casinos to relax and unwind. That is why casinos try to encourage players to be active and help them feel comfortable while playing. Music plays an important role in creating this.

Listening to music while playing at an online casino can help you enjoy the game. The most common type of music used in online casinos is soft classical music. It creates a relaxing atmosphere that helps players focus on making decisions while playing. And in live casinos, lounge music is used, which usually carries a tranquility, like a paradise island or outer space.

You will also find techno sounds in many slot games such as the Starlight Princess Pragmatic Play machine. Slots do not require  making many decisions during the game, except for spinning.

They also improve brain activity through the choice of color in the game. Music is used to even greater effect when players need to advertise special bonus offers in a casino. Free spins, which are often given out without a deposit, are particularly popular.

Improving the game

Music can also help to enhance the games you play. If you’re in a casino with a lot going on, it can be hard to concentrate.

Many people find that they feel more relaxed while playing if they listen to music, which makes them play better. When you feel more relaxed, you can concentrate better and feel less stressed. In this case, music can help you concentrate and help you focus better on the game, resulting in a win.

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