CASIO redesigns its legendary F-100 with PAC-MAN motifs


This new edition of the F-100 will attract a lot of attention to video game lovers. We are talking about a specially decorated edition of the F-100, a very advanced watch of the time that at that time included a stopwatch, digital alarm and calendar functions, all collected in a resin box that made it quite light to carry.

Its popularity took on a special impact when it appeared as a modified version in the movie Alien, a milestone that they recently decided to honor with the launch of a special edition that will go on sale soon for about 100 euros. After that, it seems that CASIO has also wanted to think about the geek public that loves video games, and that is why it has decided to launch this peculiar version inspired by the game of Tōru Iwatani, the creator of one of the video games that revolutionized arcade rooms. from the 80s.

A very geeky watch

But this time, the new A100WEPC It is a watch that seeks to surprise by its decoration. With a theme inspired by PAC-MAN, the watch still maintains its design of four physical buttons on the front, although the entire front will be decorated with a scene from the video game itself in which PAC-MAN tries to eat the balls while the ghosts roam through the corridors of the maze.

As if that were not enough, the metal strap of the watch also includes motifs from the video game, showing more labyrinths and offering a style in gold and black that perfectly matches the gold case of the watch itself, which mimics the look of the original arcade game. . This cabin was not gold, but yellow, but the design fits well, which is what matters.

And you don’t expect this version of the F-100 to be a particularly modern edition. Its functions will be identical to those of yesteryear, as it will continue to limit itself to offering stopwatch, alarm and calendar functions, and nothing much beyond telling the time. Of course, it will include an internal LED to illuminate the screen in the dark. That said, the watch will be aimed especially at the most fanatical of the game, since it does not offer anything special with which it could catch you if what you are looking for is cutting-edge technology. Come on, don’t expect to receive notifications from your phone here.

When can it be purchased?

The official press release does not speak of an exact release date, but we imagine that it will go on sale soon. As for the price, it should also have a similar price to the Alien version, so we expect to see a label of approximately 100 euros, which should not be too high a price for true enthusiasts of one of the arcades. most laureates in the history of videogames. Because this watch is for them, right?

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