Catalyst launches total protection sleeves for AirTags

One of the options we have available with AirTags is to buy accessories to place them anywhere. There are many accessory firms on the market and in this case we find one of those that we know for its covers and housings resistant to everything, Catalyst.

This just from the Clip-It, Hang-It and Stick-It sleeves, which basically do the same thing but offer three different ways to place an AirTag anywhere in addition to offer total protection to keep our AirTags intact.

Catalyst AirTags

Own June Lai, who is CEO of Catalyst explained to the media at the product presentation that they were really satisfied with their new product for Apple AirTags:

Our full protection covers for AirTags ensure that people can secure them to almost anything, no matter their lifestyle or environment, and keep them safe and secure. The same value proposition and design elements that have earned the trust of Catalyst consumers for iPhone, iPad and AirPods cases, were applied to AirTag and we are excited to share this latest offering with our customers.

Many of us have known Catalyst products for a long time and in this case add these new protectors for AirTags to their extensive collection of products. In this case the new accessories have priced at $ 34.99 each unit. These can be reserved on the company’s own website and will be very useful to place and protect AirTags anywhere.

Catalyst AirTags

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