Catit PIXI Smart Fountain: four-legged technology

We live surrounded by technology that, little by little, we have been introducing into our lives and that makes our day-to-day life easier (or should). There are many of us who decide to have four-legged companions who, why not, can also enjoy these advances. For this reason, and for all of you who, like me, gave up long ago in the struggle to wear clothes without cat hair, today we analyze the Catit PIXI Smart Fountain, the first device that your feline will enjoy more than its box .

This source is included within the PIXI line, specialized in intelligent products, the new commitment of the Catit brand, manufacturer of cat products. This new line, which for now has an intelligent fountain and feeder but is expanding, has opted for a simple but fun and tasteful design, inspired by its authentic target audience.

Upon opening the box (which may become our feline’s new lair) we find the following items.

Catit PIXI smart fountain content

  • Nozzle
  • stainless steel lid
  • Top of the fountain
  • Filter
  • filter tray
  • Bomb
  • Tank with window for water level

Those of us who have cats at home know that the issue of water can easily become a problem, since if we neglect the water bowl in the slightest, the cat could decide that it is no longer worthy of it and that it is not going to use it. We also have the case of cats that like to splash around and prefer to see the water scattered on the ground. Drinker disabled again.

This problem is multiplied if we spend a lot of time away from home, since we cannot control if any of these problems occur. It would not be the first time that I find myself placing 3 different troughs at home. To remedy this issue, the Catit PIXI smart fountain has come to make our lives and that of our cats a little easier.

catit pixi smart fountain components

Count with one 2L tank, and you can see the water level very easily through the window in the cat’s “nose”. This tank is more than enough to not worry about having to refill it for quite some time.

In fact, we could almost say that you can forget about it forever because the PIXI itself will warn you when the water level is low and even when it has run out, with a red light that will flash when the water level inside the tank is too low. When the red light stops flashing, it means it has run out of water completely and it will turn itself off to prevent the pump from running dry. Once we fill the water tank, the fountain will start working again.

catit pixi smart font

If it is the first time that your cat uses a fountain, or this system is different from the ones you have used before, the Catit PIXI smart fountain has three different options so that the way of drinking is not a problem: quiet flow, jet (by placing the nozzle) and bubbling. Although the jet system is the most ergonomic, if your cat is like mine and does not like to have his whiskers splashed, the other options will be more appropriate. In addition, there is a collection area in which the water is kept even if the fountain is turned off.

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t find your favorite way of drinking at first, it’s just a matter of trying the options. In fact, in my experience during the analysis, after removing the jet nozzle (with which we did not get him to drink) he has become fond of the fountain and I have even noticed that he drinks more water than with his previous drinker, and that is already a sign. No one more appropriate to give the most reliable verdict.

To keep the water at an optimum level, the fountain has a filter cleaning in three stages: a cotton mesh that filters debris, activated carbon that removes odors and impurities, and ion exchange resin that softens tap water. Again, when it’s time to replace the filter with a new one, the app will notify us (we can always see how many days of useful life the filter has left) and we’ll see how the cat’s nose flashes blue.

In addition to this filter, we have a UV-C sterilizer that purifies the water and neutralizes bacteria. The sterilization process is carried out daily and lasts one hour. You will know when the fountain is sterilizing the water because the nose LED will be blue.

Regarding noise, unlike other fountains that can be quite noisy, especially at night, the Catit PIXI smart fountain works very quietly thanks to the fact that the pump is suspended in the water and does not vibrate as much against the walls of the Deposit.

This pump also It has a water level sensor and 2 LED lights. (white when it is in normal operation, blue when it is sterilizing the water, flashing blue when the filter needs to be changed, and red when the water level is low). A detail that should be noted, although in my use it has not been a problem, is that this light cannot be turned off.

More options with the Catit PIXI app

What really brings a differential value to the Catit fountain is the mobile application, which gives us the possibility of interacting with the fountain at any time, whether we are at home or anywhere else. Once installed and synced with the device (on a 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network, it does not work with 5 Ghz or 5G), with the application you can access all these functions.

  • ON/OFF. Turn the fountain on or off. Even if it is off, there will still be water in the collection area in case the cat wants to drink.
  • Power saving mode. Switch from normal to “geyser” mode. Thus the source will be working for 5 minutes and paused for 15 minutes.
  • Water level alert. A notification will pop up on our smartphone every four hours in case of low water level, or when the water runs out completely.
  • Filter change alert. We will also be notified when it is time to replace the filter (every 30 days).
  • Pump maintenance alert. In the same way, it will notify us when it is time to clean the pump to guarantee its proper functioning (every 60 days).
  • UV-C sterilization. Start the sterilization process manually (although it will do it automatically once a day).
  • Establish a schedule for the operation of the source.
  • Share app. Multiple people can control the source by logging into their account on the app.


The Catit PIXI smart fountain it is a leap in quality in the care of your cat, making life easier for both. He will drink better quality water in a comfortable way and you can not worry about the state of the fountain, since the app itself will notify you if you have to refill it, change the filter… In addition, its careful design gives it a differential touch that, in addition, It is in line with the rest of the products in the range. Even if your cat keeps looking at you with the face of wanting to kill you while you sleep, we are sure that he will appreciate being able to drink from such a fountain.

recommended product

Right now the Catit PIXI smart fountain can be purchased on the Catit website for a price of 105.9€5

Catit PIXI Smart Fountain: four-legged technology 49

Final assessment


Catit PIXI is a smart fountain for cats with an app to take control, wherever you are, which has come to make our lives and that of our felines a little easier.

Design and build quality9

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