[CBLoL 2022] Check out how the 2nd week of the tournament’s playoffs went

CBLoL 2022 is getting closer and closer to meeting the champion of this First Stage. This past weekend, the second week of playoffs of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship dispatched another team and confirmed the first finalist team of the tournament.

In the first duel, RED Kalunga and Liberty decided their futures in the championship. Better for RED who, after losing the semifinal of the upper bracket to KaBuM!, sent Liberty home and is still alive in the dispute for the mug — but on a much more complicated path.

paiN surprised by beating KaBuM!, leader of the CBLoL points stage, by a 3×0 of respect. With the result, the traditional team is guaranteed in the grand final scheduled for April 23. KaBuM!, in turn, will have a second chance to show the favoritism achieved in the competition.

See below for a “summary” of both series.

Check the results of the second week of the CBLoL 2022 playoffs

Round 2 Lower Key — RED Kalunga (winner) vs Liberty

Discredited after taking a 3×0 from KaBuM!, RED managed to recover in the 2nd round of the lower bracket against Liberty. The series was not easy at all, it’s true. Still, the Pack kept the dream of the trophy alive and eliminated another competitor from CBLoL 2022.

Liberty even opened the scoring in the first game, but saw RED turn around in the next two games with a very aggressive stance. Despite this, Liberty did not give up and finished the fourth game in just 21 minutes — the fastest game of this stage of the CBLoL, by the way.

The series then moved into the fifth and final game. The game even started tense, but little by little, the Pack was putting together good fights and taking control of the map. In the end, Liberty didn’t hold back RED’s advance and said goodbye early to the tournament.

Superior Key Ending — KaBuM! x paiN Gaming (winner)

Not even the most optimistic supporter of paiN expected the team to open a 3×0 against the leading team of the CBLoL 2022 points stage. But that’s exactly what happened: packed after the victory against FURIA, paiN didn’t take notice by KaBuM! and passed the reel over the ninjas.

From the first game, paiN showed extremely aggressive gameplay, focusing on giving their top laner Wizer an advantage. The problem is that the KaBuM! they couldn’t respond to the height and had a hard time shooting down enemies, taking turrets or conquering objectives.

The result of this was an unprecedented stomp and colossal gold differences in every match. It is worth mentioning the great performance of Wizer, who was considered the best of the match twice in this series.

paiN is the first team confirmed for the grand final

With the results, RED advanced to the 3rd round of the lower bracket and will face FURIA next Saturday (9). The winner of this match won’t have time to breathe and will get KaBuM! on Sunday (10).

Image: Playback/Riot Games

The winner of the lower bracket final will then advance to face paiN Gaming in the grand final, scheduled for April 23.

More CBLoL this week

It is worth remembering that the CBLoL Academy playoffs will start from this Tuesday (5), with the duels between FURIA and Flamengo and paiN and INTZ. The decisive phase of the main tournament come back with everything next weekend.

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