[CBLoL 2022] Flamengo is renamed and will have a new management partner for the 2nd split

Flamengo Esports will start the 2nd split of CBLoL 2022 with big changes. That’s because the Los Grandes organization signed a contract for the acquisition of 20% of Simplicity Esports β€” the North American company that operates the rubro-negro β€”, which will imply major changes in Fla’s management.

Simplicity? Los Grandes? Huh?

First of all, it is worth contextualizing the case a little. When it appeared on the Esports scene in 2017, Flamengo had management linked to the Club’s Marketing Department, with an outsourced company (Cursor Esports) in charge of this operation.

In this period, Fla achieved great things β€” including the rise of the 2nd division of the competitive Brazilian LoL to CBLoL and a national title. But the situation has become a little different since 2020, when the company Simplicity Esports took over the Esports management of the club.

It is true that the team managed to achieve three consecutive titles in the CBLoL Academy, but the performance of the main team has caused discontent among the players. Including a report by ESPN pointed to a number of internal team issues since then, from late payments to blackmail.

In view of this, Simplicity Esports itself had plans to offer partnerships or the sale of the CBLoL seat since the beginning of the year, according to the ge. One of those interested was precisely the Los Grandes2018 organization that stood out in the competitive Free Fire scenario.

Flamengo Esports will be Flamengo Los Grandes at CBLoL

Now, Los Grandes has just announced a partnership with Flamengo. As it acquired 20% of Simplicity Esports, Fla will be called Flemish Los Grandes in this 2nd CBLoL split. But the organization’s idea is to buy the 80% remaining by the end of the year to operate only with the Los Grandes brand from 2023 onwards. In other words, the Fla should say goodbye to Esports next year.

β€œThe union with Flamengo marks a very important step in our trajectory as an organization, but it also becomes a milestone in the history of Esports in Brazil. There are two gigantic fans coming together to reach the top of the national scene, together!”, posted Los Grandes on its website.

Still according to ge, although it only acquired a minority stake, Los Grandes will work in partnership with Simplicity Esports in the management of Fla in this 2nd split of CBLoL. Despite this, the organization will not (yet) be able to fully change the club’s name, logo, uniform or interfere with the signing of players for the remainder of 2022.

Image: Publicity/Los Grandes

It is worth remembering that CBLoL returns on June 11 with the presence of the public in all rounds. On the same day, Flamengo Los Grandes will debut (already with the name change) against LOUD, closing the first round of the Brazilian League of Legends tournament.

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