CCleaner gives us all these options when cleaning the Windows registry

In addition to everything that we have in sight, the operating system that Microsoft offers us and that most of us use, Windows, has very important hidden tools. This is precisely the case of Registration that is part of the software and that is a key element for the proper functioning of the entire equipment. There are applications that are responsible for cleaning and optimizing all of this, as is the case with CCleaner.

It is true that on a day-to-day basis with our computer, we generally do not manually make changes to this part of the operating system at all. In fact, many users are actually unaware of the existence of this important element on which they depend so much. Windows. For those of you who don’t know, it is interesting to know that we are referring to a database that stores a huge amount of both software and hardware configurations. Also, it is important to know that this data is stored by the low-level components of the software, hence its importance in the general operation.

In addition, key elements such as the kernel of the operating system, the applications that we have installed, the services, and more. We must also keep in mind that the registry is a part that is constantly growing and evolving as we use Windows. As you can imagine, if an error occurs in this element, the problems. At the same time this part can directly influence the overall system operation and performance.

That is precisely why we have at our fingertips certain applications especially indicated for the optimization and cleaning of this registry. One of the best known in the sector and that is responsible for optimizing and cleaning our Microsoft system is CCleaner.

CCleaner functions to clean the registry in Windows

This is a program that surely many of you know, both for its benefits and for its controversies created over the years. With everything and with it, it is still the best known proposal of this type and one of the most used. Now that we are talking about the registry of the operating system, let us say that this is an application that takes care of all this efficiently. It proposes a series of interesting sections to be able to customize this process maximum cleaning.

Accessing this element manually is very simple, just type the regedit command in the search box. But if we don’t know what we’re doing, it’s better not to make changes here by ourselves. That is precisely what the programs that we are talking about, such as CCleaner, are for. In fact, here we find a specific section for this type of task that we can also customize to the maximum. This is because we have the possibility of establishing which are the sections of the Windows registry that we want to analyze and clean in necessary case.

ccleaner registry options

In the left panel of the section called CCleaner Registry, we find a series of selectors referring to the elements of the registry that we want to analyze. Here we see parts of the software as important as the libraries dllfile extensions, applications, sourcesobsolete programs, disk paths, and more. In this way we will only have to mark those options that we want to analyze and clean so that the program starts working.

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