CCleaner hits the Windows Microsoft Store, but is it legit?

Despite huge success a few years ago, certain movements have generated great controversy and the image of the show has deteriorated. With everything and with it it continues being an important solution for many at the time of carrying out certain maintenance and cleaning in the Microsoft system. We tell you all this because despite the controversies we referred to, CCleaner now It is available from the Windows Microsoft Store.

There is no doubt that the Redmond giant is betting now more than ever on its application store in the operating system. Hence precisely that it has given a twist to it to allow the arrival of conventional applications or Win32. In this way the limitations for UWP are over, opening a wide range of possibilities to other formats. This means that at the moment we can find programs that do not exist to date, as is now the case with the aforementioned CCleaner.

ccleaner store

Keep in mind that in 2020 Microsoft marked it as a potentially unwanted application because installed some unnecessary additional applications. However, it seems that those problems have already been fixed at this time. Due to all this at this time we can affirm that, when installing this optimization solution from the Windows store, does not add unwanted software.

The reliability of CCleaner from the Windows Store

This means that when you download and install the program from its new version from the Microsoft Store, only the Windows cleaner is installed. Thus, it does not try to add Avast antivirus, for example, without our wanting or needing it. In fact, this was one of the main complaints presented by a good part of the users who installed CCleaner in recent times. But not only that, but in this new version that we download from the Microsoft Store, we find another interesting news related to privacy and security.

What we want to tell you is that from the configuration of the application itself we can disable all telemetry parameters included. Although part of these are activated by default, we can go to Settings / Privacy to deactivate the collection and sending of usage data. This is something that will probably also be greatly appreciated by the regular cleaning app. With all this that we tell you, what we want to tell you is that the new downloadable version of the Windows store has improved ostensibly the classic version.

ccleaner telemetry

After all that has been discussed, we can affirm that the version that we download from the Microsoft Store has improved in an ostensible way to the conventional one that we download from the web. Now we can prevent the arrival of unwanted programs, or set up and delete telemetry or usage data collection. To all this, we can add that this version of CCleaner will update automatically from the Windows Store. Therefore, perhaps this version could be a before and after for the cleaning application.

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