CCleaner is now up to date and ready to clean Windows 11

That is his solution that has been among us for a good number of years trying, as its own name suggests, to eliminate unnecessary content from the Pc. There are multitudes of users around the world who use solutions of this type to keep their computers clean of unnecessary software and files. In addition, this type of program must be taken into account that they are responsible for cleaning the registry and other important elements of the operating system of Microsoft.

CCleaner updates and recognizes Windows 11

We have already told you before that, within this software sector, the best known solution is CCleaner. This is a program that has been with us for a good number of years and that has served millions of users over time. Likewise, the application itself has had to update itself to the current times in order to tie itself to the most current needs and software, as is the case. How could it be otherwise, This is a solution that focuses on Windows-based computers.

Throughout these last weeks we have talked a lot about the new operating system that Microsoft itself is working on. We mean the system Windows 11 that, if all goes according to plan, it should bring us to the end of this year. It is precisely for all this that Avast, the company responsible for the program that we are commenting on, has not wanted to lose track.

To give us an idea of ​​what we are talking about, it is worth mentioning that the latest update of the cleaning program of Avast, 5.84.9126, already recognizes the new operating system of the Redmond. This means that, if we install this new version or a later version of Avast, in some Windows 11 trial versions, the program already recognizes it as such. Keep in mind that, to date, if we did this, the cleaning application kept trying the new version like Windows 10.

Avast prepares your application for cleaning in Windows 11

At the same time, this could mean that the firm responsible for the program is working hard on optimizing its solution for the new system. I’m sure it will be something to be very grateful for by a multitude of users all over the world, especially if we take into account that there are still several months left for Windows 11 to be available to everyone.

Now it only remains to see the improvements and news that the developers of CCleaner be implemented over time for this new version of Windows. What there is no doubt is that this will be a piece of software, along with many others, that will be in charge of helping us to optimize and clean the operating system as much as possible.

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