CCleaner Professional: how much does it cost and how is it different from free?

In order to find a better functioning of Windows on our computer, we can use certain optimization and cleaning solutions. We are talking about programs that are responsible for removing content and improving certain aspects of the operating system, where perhaps the one that most sounds to you is CCleaner.

As time has passed, a multitude of software solutions have appeared in this regard, although it could be said that the most popular is the one mentioned. In this sector we can find, as usual, both free and paid programs. All of them are characterized by trying to eliminate unnecessary content from our PC, while optimize their performance. Here we refer to improvements in the startup of the operating system, elimination of useless processes, optimization of services, etc.

In this way, what is achieved is to gain performance in Windows, while freeing up space on the disk drives. CCleaner is a widely used program focused on this type of objective that offers us a feature-limited free version. This means that in the event that we want to get the most out of this application, we will have to opt for its paid version called Professional and now it costs 29.95 euros per year.

At this point and if we want to do this type of maintenance on our equipment With Windows, you may be wondering what the differences are between the two editions. In this way you will have the possibility to choose the one that interests you the most in each case. And it is that sometimes making an economic outlay is worth it if we really get the most out of the optimization and cleaning functions.

Why pay to use CCleaner Professional

As it could not be otherwise, the functionality of the Pro version of CCleaner is ostensibly superior to the free one. Next, we are going to list the main changes that you will find here.

ccleaner delete apps

  • Windows optimization features: in the Professional version of the application we will have access to various sections related to the speed and security of the system. All this will allow us to optimize the startup processes of the computer in order to start working with the PC sooner.
  • Automatic Updates: we will also have the possibility of update apps obsolete installed, all in an automated way. In this way we will have the most recent functions of the software on our computer and we will be protected from the latest vulnerabilities discovered.
  • Support improvements: One of the biggest advantages that the paid versions of the programs usually offer us compared to the free ones, is improved support. All this refers to the fact that we will have a faster response to possible problems and doubts that we may have when working with CCleaner. As informed by its highest managers, paying users will have priority help and response versus those who use the free edition.
  • Advanced Windows Cleanup: It is clear that the main objective of this type of application is clean our computer of unnecessary files and folders. The Pro edition of CCleaner offers us a programmed operating mode for this type of task. What we want to tell you with this is that we will have a totally customizable function to program the cleaning of our Windows to the maximum. In this way we will have the possibility of establishing the time at which we want the application to start, or indicate a certain amount of information that can be eliminated.

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