CCleaner, the best cleaner for your computer adds new functions

Using CCleaner

One of the great benefits of CCleaner is that It’s free. It is true that there is a paid version that offers all the functions for you to fully exploit the potential of this performance optimizer for computers, but the free version works really well.

And now that they have further improved this program to optimize your computer with new tools, now is the best time to try CCleaner. More, with the promotion that they have launched so that you can enjoy this tool for only 1 euro.

CCleaner 6 adds a performance optimizer

To begin with, with the arrival of CCleaner 6, the company has added a tool called Performance Optimizer, a tool that helps improve system speed and power efficiency.

Is proprietary tool it is capable of detecting and avoiding any program that works in the background even if you are not using it so that it does not exhaust the resources of your computer. To do this, it puts the processes to sleep until you use the program again thanks to an AI capable of detecting when you need it.

CCleaner interface

With that, you will be able to have all the programs you want installed and with the peace of mind that they will not consume resources when you are not using them. One of the problems with Windows is that the more programs you install, the more the system will go. Luckily, this CCleaner patent fixes this problem.

On the official CCleaner blog, they explain with examples how this tool works to improve the speed of your computer, and in the tests we have carried out, we have seen that its operation is very complete.

You can suspend any process in a very simple way, know the degree of optimization of your equipment, as well as a step-by-step guide so that you know how to use Performance Optimizer in CCleaner.

Enhanced Software Updater

Continuing with the novelties that come to CCleaner 6, to say that there is a new tool that it will help you to have all the updated software. In this way, you avoid the risk of having outdated applications.

performance in CCleaner

As you well know, the process is quite annoying, since you have to go through application by application. With CCleaner, you can update all programs through a single window, and as you can see in the image that heads these lines, the process is extremely simple. And with over 50 supported apps, this service is well worth the money.

Driver Updater is now more complete than ever

The last ccleaner update Upgrade one of your star tools. We are talking about the driver updater, which now expands its library with more than 25 million drivers, adding image and sound drivers, as indicated in the CCleaner blog.

Driver Updater

On the other hand, CCleaner is now able to find and install drivers for you, even if they are no longer updated by the original manufacturer. To do this, it has Portal Matching technology that searches for the most suitable drivers for your computer, taking into account the make and model of your computer.

Driver Updater

In this way, if you have a Realtek sound chip in a Dell computer, this tool will find, on the one hand, the official driver, as well as substitute options from other manufacturers that offer better performance in your computer.

This is very useful if you have a very old computer or if the manufacturer has withdrawn support for the driver that needs an update. We leave you a summary of the main features offered by Portal Matching in CCleaner Driver Updater:

  • Improved sound quality: you will always have your updated sound drivers to make the most of the possibilities of your equipment (for example, Dolby Atmos with the new HD audio drivers).
  • Security bug fixes: Updated drivers are less susceptible to hacking.
  • Better Internet connection: Updated drivers may add new features to your Wi-Fi adapter or improve its performance.
  • Improvements in peripherals: any device that you connect to your computer will always have the appropriate drivers to work in the best conditions
  • Better gaming experience: Updated drivers can improve gaming and multimedia performance by up to 30%.

As you may have seen, the improvements offered by the latest version of the best performance optimizer for computers make downloading CCleaner the best option. And now that you can get the Premium version from 24.95 euros per year for its latest promotion, it is a perfect opportunity to improve the performance of your computer.

Best of all, there is now a promotion for you to hire CCleaner for 1 euro, So don’t miss out on this bargain!

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