CD Projekt RED does not meet expectations, despite its income closing positive

The well-known Polish studio CD Projekt RED, responsible for such important titles as The Witcher III and Cyberpunk 2077, has closed a third quarter with revenues that, despite falling within what we can consider as “green numbers”, have not met expectations of the analysts. Let’s see why, but before that, it is necessary to put a little context.

CD Projekt RED has had a difficult year. Cyberpunk 2077, their most ambitious product to date, created a lot of buzz, but in the end the Xbox One and PS4 versions fell short and were, in many ways, a real disaster. This had an important impact on its sales, in fact Sony withdrew the game from its official store, but it also forced the studio to work against the clock to be able to correct, through different patches, the problems that those versions brought.

The PC version arrived more polished, although it was not in perfect condition either, so CD Projekt RED also had to work on some patches to finish polishing it. In the end, all this has taken its toll on the studio, not only in terms of lost sales, but also costs generated by all the work invested in removing these patches with bug fixes.

Thanks to those patches, Cyberpunk 2077 improved considerably, and the PS4 version was able to return to the official Sony store, but it is clear that that time it was out represented a clear ‘missed opportunity’ for CD Projekt RED when it comes to sales. On the other hand, the bad press that this version has received has not done him any favors either.

According to Reuters, CD Projekt RED closed the third quarter of 2021 with net income of $ 3.92 million, a figure that represents a 78% drop compared to the previous quarter, and that represents 51% less than what investors expected. The percentages are very clear and speak for themselves, although the Polish study has closed a third quarter in green, the result cannot be considered as good.

We will see how his income evolve in the fourth quarter of 2021. Perhaps now that his star game is more polished, and that he has finally moved away from all that controversy in which he was involved, he managed to overcome in sales, and get some boost from the holiday season.

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