Cdiscount explodes the price of the Samsung QLED QE65Q80A TV (-668€)!

For the sales, Cdiscount offers an exceptional price on the Samsung QLED QE65Q80A TV at €1059 (after ODR)!

The Samsung QE65Q80A is a QLED television launched in the spring of 2021, which has all interesting features, especially when it is sold off by Cdiscount at €1259 + €200 ODR, i.e. €1059 in the end!

I take advantage of the offer

The Samsung QE65Q80A offers a 65-inch UHD / 4K panel, HDR 10 / 10+ and above all 120 Hz. New generation consoles being able to run certain games at 120 frames per second, this is an interesting feature if you are considering to equip yourself.

Another important element on this Q80A: the presence of a “Full LED” dimming room. As a reminder, this technology makes it possible to turn off certain areas of the screen to darken the blacks and thus obtain much higher contrasts. Formerly reserved for very high-end models, it is beginning to be found on slightly less expensive models such as this Q80A. As it’s a latest generation TV, you’ll also find all the innovations that Samsung has added over the years. We think for example of the multiview mode which allows you to watch two video sources at the same time, for example the television and the screen of your phone projected via Google Cast.

Connected TV, the Q80A obviously supports this Google technology but also AirPlay if you have an Apple device. It will adapt to all circumstances. Speaking of connectivity, it also has an HDMI 2.1 port to connect your console. The audio part develops 60 W of power on two speakers. Finally, it works with the Tizen interface, still recognized today as one of the best.

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