Celebrate 8M with five great games starring them

This week is the women’s week, since The epicenter of the celebration will take place on the 8th with a whole series of institutional acts but we, who like to play, are going to do another type of tribute. What if we dedicate our time to some of the most important, recent franchises, which have specific heroines with names and surnames as protagonists? Here are five really good alternatives.

Some protagonists very high

Although lately the line between heroes and heroines is blurring, because we can choose the sex of the protagonist in many adventures, there are other developments that They firmly bet that they are the ones who take all the focus of the stories and it is for those titles that we have gathered today. So here you have five sagas that have extraordinary protagonists and that you can enjoy right now on PlayStation 5, especially, as well as PC and Xbox.


This title may not have delighted everyone, but something that this game stands out for is its protagonist. Frey, played by actress Ella Balinska She is a character who radiates charisma with every step she takes, as well as being a formidable warrior. If you are fans of fantasy games, you cannot miss this title… as a personal recommendation.

life is strange

For fans of graphic adventures, this game is unmissable. In this title we will control Max, a high school student who begins to have visions of catastrophes about her hometown and, as if it were an eighties movie, she must try to prevent it. A game by episodes that he has created for what is surely the most beloved graphic adventure saga of recent years.

The Last of Us Part II

Although it is true that in the first game we could already control Ellie at times, it is in the continuation where she is the one who takes control of everything that happens. A character with a moving story and a difficult past, as well as a determined fighter against the infected and bandits. Ellie will do whatever it takes to get revenge on those who have wronged her in the past.

Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West

One of our favorite games of recent years. In a world where nature and machines have taken control, our protagonist, Aloy, you will have to get to the bottom of a mystery that could change everything. With a frantic combat that you won’t get bored of, as well as the use of a strange device that will save us from more than one jam, the protagonist is a great character. Extra points for the fact that in Spain she has the voice of the magnificent actress Michelle Jenner.

tomb Raider

And for the end we leave the absolute pioneering saga when it comes to entrusting a woman with the weight of saving the world. You can’t talk about them as protagonists in video games without mentioning the emblematic Lara Croft. The most lethal with bow, arrows and pistols. Her adventures searching for treasures all over the planet are one of the most remembered explorer stories of the last 27 years. You have their last three games (tomb Raider, Rise of the Tom Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider) ready to relive old emotions.

And you? Which of these games is your favourite?

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