celebrates five years with a very SPECIAL gift

Deep Rock Galactic It is one of those pleasant surprises that grow and strengthen over the years and proof of this is that this shooter Cooperative already has five years of life in which it has not stopped improving. So to commemorate such a milestone, those responsible have decided to celebrate this event in style by giving away a unique experience that you can only relive for a limited time. You know which one is?

Some very tough space miners

Deep Rock Galactic It arrived in 2018 with early access for Xbox and the truth is that it surprised. It was about a shooter cooperative, with characters of a very specific class (gunner, engineer, tunneler and explorer) who must occupy their role in the group and that they have to extract minerals from remote planets full of beasts. The originality of his approach is that all the maps are procedural, they are generated differently in each game and on top of that they allow us to destroy them from top to bottom thanks to the tools we carry with us.

Its success was not immediate but it was progressive and proof of this is the five years it has been in which it has been evolving and perfecting its already sensational staging, gameplay and fun. So how is it possible to get community involvement at a time like this? Well, very simple going back to the original experience Deep Rock Galactic. The one that first arrived in 2018 before leaving early access in 2020.

Deep Rock Galactic.

From Ghost Ship they have announced the publication of the DRG Legacy Build, that is to say, of same original client that was published in 2018, in such a way that all players who want to know this wonder, or return to it, will be able to do so from March 2 on Steam, which will be when we have it available. Thus, as the company’s statement says, “you will be able to play DRG as it was when it was originally launched.” […] Maybe you feel nostalgic and want to go back and experience those early glory days. Or maybe you just want to appreciate all that’s been added since launch by really seeing how different the game is today by comparison.”

You will also have special items

If that to play with the original client of Deep Rock Galactic It does not seem enough to you, do not worry because there will also be aesthetic rewards, the kind that one likes to show off when he enters into combat with three other friends, so you will have at your disposal the so-called package Supporter II Upgrade which will also arrive on Steam on the same date. It is so beautiful that its creators define it as a package “Most decadent, luxurious and supportive.”

So now you know: if you have ever been hooked on Deep Rock Galacticthe same it’s time to revive old sensations but if this is not your case and you just got to know it right now, you will soon be aware of the time you have wasted enjoying other less fun titles than this one where space mining has become a very risky sport.

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