Cell phones “refurbished”: Advantages and disadvantages of buying a refurbished phone

Smartphones, better known as smartphones, are one of the fastest growing technological devices in the world. It could even be said that it has become a necessity.

Although, it is true that they are currently marketed in many stores and even the same model changes its price according to the seller, which sometimes results in “unattainable” prices for many users.

In addition, there are some more “economical” proposals to acquire a device, either to acquire it second-hand or even to opt for a computer “refurbished“, this second option being little known.

What is a refurbished device?

A refurbished, as its literary translation says it is a “reformed“This is a device that was previously returned to the manufacturer for multiple reasons, ranging from not to the buyer’s liking to a simple failure to repair.

After its return to the manufacturer or the support center, the equipment is checked again, and in case it requires repairs. Once ready, they return to the stores as a product for sale, but now with a significant discount.

What are your advantages and disadvantages?

This alternative has become popular in recent years after the arrival of sites such as Amazon that within their catalog offer these products marked as products refurbished.

However, it is important to mention that when acquiring one of these devices it is not possible to know “exact science“For what reason it was returned, that is, it is not possible to know the reason for the return, or if it was repaired.

So is it a good idea to buy a refurbished device? For each user there is a different need, for this reason we mention below some benefits and disadvantages that you should take into account when buying a refurbished.

Advantages of purchasing a refurbished device

The main advantage of these devices is that they have a cheaper price than the same but without being “refurbished”. Also, on some occasions offer longer warranty time that compared to other products, in terms of operation, it works exactly the same as one that is not “ref”. In case of failure, you have a warranty, these products may fail less than others because if the product you are buying tends to fail in a certain component, it will already have it new and completely repaired.

Sometimes when the term rebuilt is used it takes a negative connotation, however, before returning to the store, all products pass a quality control to be put back in the store. In most cases the warranty is offered, in case the device fails.

Disadvantages of acquiring a refurbished device

Sometimes these devices do not include their original box, they have stamps or marks that are refurbishedSome also have marks of use, because in some cases it is a used product that has been reconditioned for sale.

Tips for acquiring a refurbished device

If you have recently acquired a smartphone with these characteristics, verify its operation well, press on all parts of the screen, check its cameras, buttons and ordinary functions, since in case it fails, in most cases, you can return it or apply your warranty.

Another tip is that if you have purchased a device with iOS you can go to configuration and in battery you will be able to see how much use it has, with this you will give you a clearer idea of ​​how long it “has been around”.

As a last recommendation, always compare prices with other stores, make sure you read the terms and conditions of sale well, warranty time.

In summary we can say that a refurbished device is not bad, it is just a cell phone that has been returned to the manufacturer and they have conditioned it, checked that it works correctly to be sold again.


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