Celonis will help Repsol accelerate its digital transformation

Celonis has reached a agreement with Repsolwhich will allow this advance your digital transformation and update your processes to improve your services. To do this, Repsol will use the ems (Execution management system) of Celonis, whose mission is to locate and solve inefficiencies in the processes. It provides the data and intelligence needed to understand what comes first to fix, as well as the actions needed to eliminate inefficiencies that slow performance. By connecting data between systems, applications and equipment, Celonis EMS will be responsible for accelerating digitization and driving asset optimization for Repsol.

Repsol announced last year that it will market Aria, a cloud-based data and analytics platform, with which its customers will have more facilities to deploy and accelerate the use of big data and Artificial Intelligence in their companies. But now you can leverage Celonis’ capabilities on the ARiA platform to shorten the time it takes to convert data-driven insights into business value, accelerating transformation.

Collaboration opens up new possibilities to gain transparency and visibility into process variants that impact efficiency in real time, enabling greater innovation and agility. Also the ability to simplify operations and improve the efficiency of Repsol’s processes.

On the other hand, Celonis and Repsol will collaborate on issues related to innovation, focusing on three areas: optimization and joint development of assets, new energy-related assets and new product functions. In the latter case, in order to improve its products, Repsol will combine its analytical capabilities with Celonis’ real-time data processing, as well as with the test bench and best practices.

Ana Torres, Repsol IT Directorhas pointed out that the visibility they gain with Celonis allows them «accelerate the pace of digital transformation, reducing the time spent turning knowledge into action. Furthermore, this opens up new possibilities to address inefficiencies and improve business performance, in real time and on a global scale. Together, we are making significant progress in Repsol’s transformation. Celonis is an important partner and has been perfectly integrated into our way of working, which goes through helping our needs on the one hand, and on the other working in a collaborative innovation model and optimizing business processes«.

As to Javier Díaz, Vice President and Head of Sales for Iberia at Celonishas highlighted that its collaboration with Repsol «seeks to advance collaborative innovation processes and optimization of business processes. We work with Repsol to improve productivity and control in various processes and, more globally, to drive their business transformation by improving performance. Operational progress has already materialized, and we have a joint vision that will allow even more benefits for Repsol from our main areas of joint innovation«.

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