Cend: meet this P2P service to share files safely

Cend, a P2P service to send files

When we talk about methods of network storage we can mention the private and also public cloud. We can have NAS servers where we can store all kinds of content and have it always available, but also platforms such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

It should also be noted that there are online services very diverse with which we can host content, send it to other users and thus avoid having to share files through physical disks or cards. The range of possibilities is very wide.

However Cend is different from what we are used to. It is not a service such as Google Drive, where we create an account and have limited storage to save files. In this case it is an online service that works through P2P with which we can directly send a folder, for example, to another user.

It works through the browser and is really simple. It is very interesting for those who want to share any type of file with a third party and do not want to worry about space or having to install a program.

How to use Cend

For starting to use Cend The first thing we have to do is enter their website. We will not need to install anything, nor do we need to register. It is a simple service, as we will see as soon as we access the website. We will find everything you need on the main screen.


When we enter we will find a box to choose the files we want to share. We can give the button and select the folder or document that we have on our computer, but we can also simply drag and drop.

Once we have done this, a message will appear indicating that it is generating a link. Logically the file will take more or less to upload depending on the size, but the link will be generated quickly.

Generate links with Cend

Along with the generated link, as we can see, it will show us a password. That key is the one that we also have to pass to the user who is going to download the file that we are going to share. Without that password, no one could access that link.

Set password with Cend

The other user, once he enters the Url that has been generated, you will find a screen like the one we see in the image above. There you will simply have to put the password that has also been generated and you can start downloading that file. The verification process will take a few seconds.

Keep in mind that in order to use this service, in order to download the files, the page where we have uploaded from the original equipment has to remain open. If we close the browser tab the other user could not download that file. We have indicated that it is a P2P service, so this is essential.

Advantages over other alternatives

After explaining how Cend works, doubts may arise about why it can be more interesting compared to other options, such as Google Drive and similar services or the fact of being able to use a NAS server. We will also see what are the main advantages that we can find.

No waiting for files to upload

One of the most interesting advantages is that we will not have to wait for a file to finish uploading to be able to send it to another user. If for example we are going to send a simple text file, this would not make much sense, since it is something fast.

Instead, let’s say we are going to send a ZIP file full of photos or videos and it takes up several gigabytes. It may take a while to upload depending on the connection we have, so we would have to wait to send it later. However, in the case of Cend, it is not necessary to wait, since as the file is being uploaded, another user could start downloading it at the same time.

No logs

We can also name as an advantage the fact that we don’t need to register. Privacy is a very important factor for users and it is not always safe. Sometimes we use services where we have to give personal data and we could have problems.

If we use Cend to send files we will not have to register, or give our email, or anything. You simply have to enter the page, drop the file and generate the link that another user, without the need to register, will be able to download.

There is nothing to install

Another issue to keep in mind is that we will not have to install anything. We will not have to download any program and install it on our computers. Everything works through the browser, simply by opening the web page and uploading the files there. We can use it in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, for example.

This can make the task easier, since neither party is going to have to install any kind of software on the computer. Very useful if, for example, we want to send a document from a computer to a mobile phone or vice versa. All of this will save time.

There is no size limit

This factor is very important. there are other tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox and the like that have a size limit and after this limit we would have to pay for a superior service and have that advantage.

However with Cend we will not have that problem. In this case we have the ability to send files regardless of size. We can send large folders, for example. It is a very important added value and that at times it could be essential to choose one alternative or another.

Link with password

Something essential to avoid problems is keep safe. Without a doubt, the password is the main barrier that will prevent intruders from entering our accounts or devices. And yes, in the case of Cend we are going to have the links encrypted with a key and thus reduce possible problems.

It is true that the encryption that it uses is nothing more than a password with numbers, so it is not the most advisable to send sensitive data, but it does have a key that will prevent a possible intruder from downloading something at first.

In short, Cend is an interesting service that we can use to easily send files over the Internet. We can share documents with no size limit and without having to wait for it to be fully uploaded. It is a useful alternative to other similar options that we can find.

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