CES 2022: Trends Emerging from Tech Event of the Year

They were promised very happily at CES this year. The one of 2022 was going to be the fair of the recovery, of saying goodbye to the pandemic. And yet Omicron is not willing to let us forget that at least for the next few months, technology fairs will continue to maintain for the most part, a preferably virtual format.

In the case of what is the largest technology fair in the world, the already announced cancellations of Meta, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Microsoft, Intel or Lenovo, a few days ago other companies such as AMD, OnePlus or MSI reported that they would not attend either. the face-to-face edition of the fair.

The lack of big names, however, will not prevent (or should not do so) that both in the corridors of the pavilions enabled for this year’s CES, and in the digital edition, we see some of the technological trends that are more strongly They are going to emerge this year and of those that are assumed, they will have more of a journey in the coming years. Some of the most interesting will be the following:

Connected Fitness

It is not a new trend, but it is certainly a trend that is going to grow. Despite the fact that gyms are taking all the measures within their reach so that the most athletes can return to exercise safely, smart gadgets have shown not only that it is possible to exercise at home, but also that it can cost us less than the monthly gym fee.

In this connected fitness revolution, Peloton has spearheaded a number of companies with its pluses and minuses, including names such as Lulu Lemon and her Mirror, FightCamp and her smart boxing gloves, or Tempo and your virtual assistant to help us with weight lifting.

These startups and their products are added to many of those that we will see in 2022 and that bet not only on the technology that allows us to quantify and follow our training but above all, with a wide interactivity that includes following all kinds of classes «on- demand »and increasingly, live with an instructor who follows us from a distance.


If you are one of those who are no longer impressed by the sacrificial and silent work of smart vacuum cleaners, then perhaps this year’s edition is worth paying attention to, because perhaps some of the promises that in robotics are beginning to materialize have been in the making for a long time.

And there are two sectors in which the Tech Crunch guys believe that we are going to see more news. In the first place in assisted medicine, with the development of much more advanced prostheses, but especially with the first exoskeletons with some commercial viability, capable of helping people with serious mobility problems, or making it easier for workers to move packages and heavy loads. Second, those related to what is already called elder tech and agtech, that is, those capable of making life easier for older people.

On the other hand, the robots that provide logistics companies with these last-mile deliveries are going to have a lot to say, especially in the development of autonomous vans in which users come to collect their orders.

But if there is a type of robots that will triumph in this year’s edition with those related to the disinfection of spaces and the purification of environments. Not only because they respond to a current demand, but also because they are simple to develop, since most opt ​​for mounting ultraviolet-C light panels in autonomous robots … and it is that it has been proven that this type of light is capable to remove any trace of COVID in just 15 minutes.


From the development of autonomous cars, to drones with all kinds of purposes or more and more augmented reality devices, the use of LIDAR is increasing.

It will not surprise anyone, therefore, that this year we see a large number of new devices that use this technology that allows determining the distance from a laser emitter to an object or surface using a pulsed laser beam and that has already found other practical applications. in sectors such as healthcare, engineering and architecture or even interior decoration.

Hybrid work

The “sleeping” sector of the PC and tablets has experienced an unexpected boost in its sales as a result of the pandemic and the need to work remotely, as have devices so “disappeared” years ago such as external webcams .

At CES 2022 this trend will continue and it is to be expected that new solutions will arrive aimed at improving our “home offices” in the form of monitors, microphones, loudspeakers or even improvements in the lighting of our particular set-up.

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