Change PowerPoint cache to open presentations faster

When we talk about Office, we mean a complete Microsoft productivity suite made up of multiple programs. Among these we can use a text editor, Word, a spreadsheet application, Excel, or another to create multimedia presentations, PowerPoint.

It is precisely on the latter that we want to focus on these same lines, a software solution that has been with us for many years. That is why it will surely be very familiar to most of you. And it is necessary to bear in mind that PowerPoint has been offering its functions for several years to carry out our personalized multimedia presentations. In addition, all this is extended both in professional use environments, as domestic, related to education.

These projects that we embark on through the microsoft program We carry them out through a series of independent slides that we design in PowerPoint. The set of these makes that we have a presentation that is as attractive and striking as possible. For all this, the application as such offers us a series of functions and characteristics that will be very helpful. But here not only matters related to the benefits of the program, but we also need its best performance.

At this point we will say that sometimes we work with presentations in the form of very heavy files. This means that they are made up of a good number of slides, and that also its contents are many and of high quality. Therefore, loading these types of files may take longer than we are used to at first.

Load your PowerPoint presentations quickly

However, this is a program that presents us with some functions that will allow us to optimize the loading of these multimedia projects. This is precisely the case that concerns us in these lines and that will allow us to customize the faster loading of previous projects. With all this that we are going to tell you, we achieve that the execution of our presentations is faster and more effective, regardless of its weight.

For this, what we are going to do is customize cache usage internally uses PowerPoint. It is worth mentioning that by default the use of this is already configured, but we can increase or decrease it depending on our needs. The first thing we have to do is access the configuration window of the Office program. We achieve this through the File / Options menu option. Among the many categories that we are going to find in this section, we find Save that we see in the left panel.

If we scroll down the right panel that we see on the screen, we find the section called Cache Settings. This is the one that interests us in this particular case in order to open certain PowerPoint documents more quickly. We say all this because from here we will have the possibility to specify the number of days that we want the files created to be stored in this program cache. This will allow us to access a project of great depth more quickly, although we have been working on it for a long time.

cache powerpoint

In the opposite case, from here we also have the possibility of clear that cache of the application, or automate its cleaning each time we close the program.

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