Change the Apple Watch screen yourself (although with risks)

The more current models are not prepared to be able to carry out a repair as they have a more complicated glue system. In this case, the operation cannot be carried out at home, as you need parts that are much more specific and that can be found in the official services of the company.

Can it be done by inexperienced users?

This is one of the big questions that any basic and inexperienced user can ask. The first thing to know is that you always have to have the necessary knowledge to be able to carry out a repair of this caliber. A priori it may seem like something very simple to do, since it is to remove and put a screen on a relatively small device. But as we have commented, it is not something really easy to carry out.

In the event that you want to risk performing the operation yourself, you should know that you’re handling really expensive equipment. That is why you have to be extremely careful and always have the necessary tools and above all the adequate space. Although, in the event that you are not completely sure that you will be able to do it satisfactorily, it is best to leave it in professional hands.

Problems you face

During the repair of the Apple Watch there can be numerous problems of relevance. The most common that can occur is a problem in the connector of the screen to the chassis of the watch. In these cases, the failures that are produced outside of an environment that is authorized by Apple itself, such as SATs, will remain automatically out of warranty. You will not be able to go to repair what you yourself have broken by manipulating the device.

Another problem that can occur is that the screen is not positioned correctly. This can cause that when the glue is finished it has not dried properly and ends up peeling off. It can also happen that by not making the connection correctly the screen cannot be displayed correctly, or also when manipulating the battery itself to make this connection it can end up causing the equipment to not work correctly.

What are you going to need

Before starting the repair process, it is interesting to always have all the necessary elements to be able to carry it out satisfactorily. Next, we explain the tools and also the replacement parts that you will always need.

The basic tools

When we talk about repairing electronic products in general, you have to know that you cannot use the tools that are everyday. You have to acquire a set of tools that have an adequate size to be able to unscrew the small screws that exist inside an Apple Watch. Also in this set you can find all the elements necessary to take off the screen. Likewise, to do this process you will also need a dryer to heat the glue.

mac tools

In Amazon you can find some sets of tools that are really complete. As mentioned, this set will be used for any type of computer or smartphone you have and will not be limited only to Apple Watch.

The new screen you will use

Of course, when a screen change is to be made on the Apple Watch, it is necessary to have the corresponding replacement. In this case, you will find many problems, such as that you will not find the original Apple part easily. In these cases, the Cupertino company has put enough obstacles to access official parts by basic users who are not professionals of a store that is authorized.

replacement screen

This means that you have to resort to third-party pages where these types of replacements are offered. In this case on the net you can find numerous pages that sell the complete kit with everything you will need. It is important, as previously mentioned, that there is a part that is compatible with the device to be repaired. Obviously, in most cases you will not have the quality that Apple offers with its original parts, but you can carry out the repair.

The steps you must follow

Once all these considerations have been taken into account, and if you have the necessary parts and replacements, it is time to start making the replacement. Keep in mind that this is an operation that can take a total of 1 hour, since it is important to be methodical and avoid any risky operation.

Removing the old screen

Of course, the first thing to do is remove the old clock screen that will be broken or simply will not work. In this sense, the process is relatively simple if you have the necessary tools that we have discussed. The steps to follow are those:

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. With a hair dryer, warms up the watch screen slightly. Thus the glue will end up softeningor, making it easier to remove.
  3. Between the screen and the chassis of the Apple Watch insert a blade to separate them. In this case, extreme care must be taken protecting your fingers, since there is so little space the blade can easily slip.
  4. With a curved blade, lift the screen without breaking the glass, by prying.
  5. When opening a small space, slide the pick through the gap generated to be able to finish separating the adhesive.
  6. Roll the pick around the side of the button very carefully.
  7. Follow the upper right corner to slide it to the top.
  8. Continue sliding the pick around the perimeter of the screen, rolling down the left side to cut off the last bit of adhesive.
  9. Use a second pick to be able to check that you have removed all the adhesive.
    replacement screen
  10. Lift the screen up and move it to the left, without causing stress on the cables.
  11. Place the watch on a raised surface so that the screen hangs vertically and improves accessibility.
  12. Cut one of the prongs to be the same width as the watch battery. Then insert the pick and begin prying until the battery is out and you have access to its connector when making a turn.
  13. Disconnect the battery of the Apple Watch.
    replacement screen
  14. Bend the screen to find the cable that connects it to the watch chassis.
  15. Remove the connector using the tab that you will have to pinch with the help of a screwdriver due to its small size.
  16. After pressing the tab, grasp the holder with a thought and remove it from the slot.

Placing the new screen and changing Force Touch

Under the screen you can find a piece that is essential for the Apple Watch such as Force Touch. This is a technology that allows the watch to detect any type of pressure that exists on the screen, and in these cases it must also end up changing. To do this, the following steps must be followed, which culminates in placing the new screen:

  1. Apply heat to the watch again with a blow dryer.
  2. Unscrew the three point screw that holds the Force Touch sensor connector cable on one of the internal sides.
  3. Remove the corresponding cable.
  4. Remove the Force Touch sensor, which will be on all edges of the watch case.
  5. Remove any adhesive out of the box with the tip of a tool.
  6. Place the Force Touch sensor face down, aligning with the profile of the case.
  7. Reconnect the sensor cable and screw in the corresponding screw.
  8. Connect the new screen with the help of the tweezers to the bracket of the watch case.
    replacement screen
  9. Connect the battery by following the reverse steps we discussed earlier.
  10. Peel off the adhesive liner around the edge of the box.
  11. Move the screen to the right and wrap it with different rubber bands so that the watch case adapts perfectly to the new screen, achieving the best adhesion.

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