Change your old monitor for a Full HD one for less than €200

The monitor Lenovo L27i-30 it’s an excellent 27-inch option with 1080p resolution. It has very interesting features that make it a hybrid between office automation and gaming. If you want something more focused on gaming you have the Ozone OZDSP25 Prowhich has a size of 24 inches with a high refresh rate.

Lenovo L27i-30

Currently it is no longer necessary to purchase gaming monitors to enjoy certain technologies. Nor do all users need the latest technology on the market to play. There are many users who play casually and while they want something of good quality, they may not be interested in monitors with high refresh rates.

This Lenovo monitor is characterized by having a IPS-type panel with a size of 27 inches. Currently this size of monitors is excellent and one of the most demanded. In addition, it offers us a 1080p resolutionHence, it is such an economical solution. Regarding color, it offers us an NTSC coverage of 72% with an anti-reflection system.

This monitor offers us a 75Hz refresh rate, that, although it is not the rates offered by gaming monitors, it is very good. In addition, this monitor has support for the technology AMD Free Syncwhich allows you to obtain a better user experience, especially in games.

It also has Eye Comfort technology, which allows you to mitigate blue light. This type of light is intrinsic to the panel LEDs and cannot be eliminated, but it can be mitigated. This type of light allows tiredness or pain in the eyes, it can even generate a headache.

It is also characterized by having a super thin panel of only 7.1 mm thick. It has a very robust metallic pedestal that allows a perfect adjustment of the inclination of the screen. Finally, to say that this monitor has one HDMI port and one VGA port.

This Lenovo monitor is a very economical solution and perfect for all kinds of uses. The truth is that for the price of this monitor we cannot ask for much more.

Ozone OZDSP25 Pro

It is possible that you are a big fan of video games and you want a monitor that is up to the task. Surely you are fond of competitive games, also called eSports games. For these games, a high refresh rate is required, something that this monitor focused on gaming meets.

This OZDSP25 Pro offers us a IPS-type panel with a size of 24 inches and one 1080p resolution. This monitor is characterized by offering support for HDR technology and thus achieving better image quality. It seeks to offer the user an immersive experience.

This monitor has a response time of 1 ms and a refresh rate up to 144 Hz. Does this monitor include the technologies AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible. Thanks to these technologies we will have a better experience in games and we will eliminate problems such as flickering.

Ozone Gaming OZDSP25 Pro

To offer the best possible experience, this monitor offers support for Flicker Free and Low Blue Light technologies. Additionally, this monitor allows height and tilt adjustment, as well as panel rotation to put it horizontally or vertically, as we want. Regarding connectivity, it has two HDMI, one DisplayPort 1.2 and one USB port.

If you are thinking of buying a gaming monitor, this is a more than good option. It has a high refresh rate, very good connectivity and the price is very well adjusted.

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