Changes Caliber should receive to improve its use

This is a program that will be very helpful when managing our ebook libraries, especially when they are very extensive in terms of titles. It is true that at this time we can use a multitude of software solutions of this type that will be useful to us. However, the aforementioned Caliber could be considered the most popular and used worldwide for a long time.

There are several reasons for all this, among which we can highlight all the functionality that this solution proposes to us in this sense. Actually, it is a software of Open Source that has been with us for a good number of years and that does not stop improving. That does not mean that it is a perfect program, far from it, but if you have many ebooks, it will surely solve their management and control.

At the same time, this is an application that receives updates periodically, correcting errors and adding new functions. However, as we say, this program still has things to improve, as we are going to show you below.

More interface customization features

The first element that we find as soon as we download and install Caliber in our pc, is your user interface. The truth is that at first glance this can be somewhat complex or at least confusing. With the passage of time and the use of the program we will get used to it, but to a great extent it differs a lot from what we are used to in other programs.

Hence your developers should include more customization features of this section so that users can adapt the interface to their preferences.

Other ways to view the Caliber library

Once we have created the library in Caliber with our contents, they are displayed along a list that is displayed on the screen. We can filter the display of these contents based on various parameters. In addition, we can place the titles depending on the needs of each case so that they are seen in the list in one way or another.

However, surely many users miss other content display formats. For example, we could have a display mode more similar to Windows Explorer with its corresponding folders and files.

More unified program updates

Surely many of you have experienced that in the vast majority of the occasions in which you open the program, it shows us a new update. This is a fact that could be seen in a positive way to improve the application as such. But sometimes these constant updates that we must install every time we open Caliber can be a bit annoying.

update gauge

In fact, there are users who would prefer to unify these regular updates that are sent in larger and more important ones that were launched in longer periods of time.

Greater interaction between Caliber users

Another section that many may miss is the ability to interact with other Caliber users from within the program itself. This would allow us to create groups of friends or virtual acquaintances and share experiences and opinions on different titles. Something similar to what we achieve with some specialized websites in which their registered visitors leave their published opinions about the digital books that they are reading.

In addition, in some way, a functionality could be included that allows us to share content legally with others.

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