Changes in VLC to not play a DVD, CD or Blu-Ray from startup

The first thing to know in this regard is that not all players are trained to work with this type of media. Therefore, if we are going to use the software in question for these tasks on a regular basis, first of all, we must carefully select the software with which we are going to choose. For this and many other tasks related to the multimedia sector, VLC It is one of the most attractive options, hence its enormous success around the world.

Surely many of you will know that here you will not have any problem when it comes to playing audio or video in practically any format. This is one of the main characteristics of this program, in addition to its reliability in reproduction or the enormous number of functions that it presents. but how could it be otherwise, he is also capable of working with physical supports. Elements of the popularity of DVDs or Blu-Rays for video come into play here, in addition to Audio CDs.

We have been using these types of formats to watch movies or listen to music for decades, even before the current enormous use of digital files. In this sense, we are used to introducing the corresponding hardware in the equipment so that the reproduction itself begins. However, we are not always going to be interested in starting from the beginning with this type of media, so let’s see the changes to make to customize the beginning of the playback in VLC.

Set up DVD or Blu-Ray video playback in VLC

One of the most common options when playing video content from physical media is to use a DVD. However, so that the beginning is not the usual one, the player we are talking about allows us to make some changes to customize this section. First, we will have to go to the menu option Media / Open disk. Next, in the new window that appears, we click on the disk tab.

Here we are going to meet the different physical supports what can we use in this program. Therefore, if we choose to play on DVD, we will already have the possibility to customize its start. To give us an idea, we can specify if we want to see the initial menu or not, in addition to locating ourselves in a specific chapter, or listening to any of the included audio tracks or subtitles.

On the other hand, in the case that we have inserted a disc in Blu-Ray format, here the available options decrease a bit, but it can also be useful. And it is that we will have the possibility to specify the chapter in which we want the playback to begin.

Start listening to music from wherever you want on a CD

It may also be the case that we are about to reproduce a Conventional music CD in VLC. At first we just have to insert the disc into the player. But if we are going to use the aforementioned multimedia player, once we have selected the corresponding disc, we can customize its start. To do this, we are located in the same window previously commented from the Middle menu, but in this case we click on the audio CD option.

Next, we will have the possibility of specifying to the program the start track on which we want to start in this case. It is enough that we specify the corresponding value in the Track section.

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