Changes to be made in Tor Browser to be the most private browser

And it is necessary to bear in mind that when we talk about the Tor browser we are referring to the software to move around the network that best represents privacy. The main reason for all this is that for its developers that is the main objective, that is, to maintain maximum privacy when their clients use their software. But it is also true that users have the ability to customize certain parts of the browser that we are talking about and that you can download from here.

For this reason, below we are going to talk about certain parameters that you can configure and customize in Tor Browser to improve all this. This will allow us to browse the internet with the greatest privacy if we compare it with other proposals such as Edge or Google Chrome. And we did not mention Firefox because without reaching the levels of Tor, Mozilla It also tries to take care of this aspect, In fact, the browser we will talk about here is part of the Firefox base.

Always automatically connect to the Tor network

As soon as we install this private browser that we are talking about, the same program will ask us if we want to connect to the Tor network automatically every time we start. Presumably, many of you who have opted to use this proposal, seek among other things in maximum privacy. That is why when you install and start this program for the first time, check the corresponding box that says Always connect automatically.

As indicated here, all of our traffic is routed through the Tor network, a network that is maintained by thousands of volunteers around the world.

Delete cookies when logging out

On many occasions you have heard about these elements to which we refer, cookies. In most cases they are the ones that make the follow-up that the different pages that we visit make our navigation. This is something that lovers of privacy when moving around the internet do not generally allow.

That is why we recommend that once you have installed Tor Browser on your computer, it deletes these cookies automatically every time you close the session. And in this way we avoid that the websites that we visit over time cannot track our movements. To do this, we open the program settings and go to the section of Privacy & security. Here we just have to check the corresponding box.

Set Tor’s security level to maximum

This is a program that, in addition to privacy, also takes care of our security when we move around the internet. In fact, it offers us several related to security, we comment on them to choose the one that interests us the most. That previously we activated the automatic connection function with the Tor private network, we may also be interested in setting this level of security to the maximum.

The safest of all

Well, this is something that we also achieve from the aforementioned Privacy & security section. If we scroll down the screen we will see what we find in the section called Security. Therefore, here we no longer have to choose the option that says The safest of all.

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