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Where did Multiversus come from?

Warner Bros Games is a company that in recent years has revolved its entire launch strategy around very successful franchises such as LEGO, something from Harry Potter, characters from DC comics and some oddities such as Left 4 Dead. Almost always with payment titles but the step taken by the North Americans has been one of those that surprise because They have entered a genre that, in the past, caused small failures. Such as Sony, which launched PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale at the end of 2012 for PS3 and PS Vita and a decade later, no sign of it on PS4 or PS5.

So this move from Warner Bros Games is complex but they hope it will work, based above all on several pillars: the fundamental, the huge list of characters that players might like, that not only contemplate the heroes and villains of DC, as well as all the modern and classic series of the American factory, from the looney tunes Y Scooby Doo a Tom and Jerry or the franchises born in recent decades thanks to Cartoon Network, such as Adventure Time, rick and mortyetc.

The object of the game is also expand over the months with the arrival of new characters that they will be fattening the roster of fighters periodically because, let’s not deny it, a good part of the success of multiverse in the near future it will depend on how receptive the community is when buying items in gamewhich are what make these projects become inexhaustible sources of income.

For what systems will Multiversus arrive?

The Warner Bros Games title will be multiplatform in such a way that all users of:

  • Windows 10 and 11 PCs (via Steam)
  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S

Don’t expect it to come to Nintendo Switch anytime soon since Warner Bros will first want it to gain a foothold in those systems where there is no clear competitor. Another thing is that, after its launch, if it becomes a global phenomenon, the Americans are encouraged to take the step of landing on the Japanese console, where it reigns quite calmly. Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Will Multiversus be crossplay?

We have good news because, indeed, multiverse will have cross play between all platforms in such a way that it will not matter what console you or your friends have as long as it is one of the supported ones. In this way, the game has more options to become a success thanks to the fact that the traditional barriers linked to the number of users present on each platform are no longer relevant.

This cross-play also affects all the purchases we make, so if we progress for months on PS4 and make the jump, for example, to an Xbox Series X, we will not lose any cosmetics, gesture, fighter or stage that we have bought. As well as the resources generated.

Release date and price

As far as the moment when multiverse It will arrive in stores, it must be said that there is no confirmed date, just a vague 2022 that was originally going to be set in the month of July. At the moment it seems that these plans are not going to be fully fulfilled, so we have to wait for official news when Warner Bros Games decides to make them public.

About the price, It’s about a free to play that we can download from PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store and Steam, although later we will have packs available with a lot of different items grouped together. Here are the three that are currently available:

MultiVersus packs.

The Founder’s Pack it is simply the cheapest and only offers 15 tickets to exchange them for characters (there are 18 starters), plus a banner and in-game resources. If you look at the other twoDeluxe Y Premium Founders Pack) thing grows in number of fighters, number of banners including rare and epic types, battle passes, an effect, a skin, and Gleamium to redeem within multiverse.

Their prices are:

  • multiverse: free.
  • Multiversus Founder’s Pack: 39.99 euros.
  • Multiversus Deluxe Founder’s Pack: 59.99 euros.
  • Multiverse Premium Founder’s Pack: €99.99.

If you want to know the ones that will arrive in a first moment, below you have the complete list.

How to play?

Could we explain how it works multiverse simply referring to Super Smash Bros, but if you think we are not going to do it so that it does not give the feeling that it is an exact copy. In reality it is not, although apparently it can transmit certain coincidences to us.

The most important is that we will be able to star in fights within a stage between teams of two fighters each or in a more traditional versus mode against another opponent. We decide if we want to enjoy alone or accompanied while we try to kick our enemy off the map. Obviously we will be able to do it using the skills of each of the combatants, who will have specific statistics, in addition to their own blows and skills that we will modify as we gain experience and coins. It is contemplated, for example, that each of the characters evolve through a relatively customizable progress.

To keep the meta even for all players, Warner Bros has decided that each of these fighters have basic statistics that cannot be modified so that the player’s skill is more important than the size of his portfolio and the desire to spend more or less money. Even so, there will be small items that we can install on the weapons to gain a little more attack or defense power. But since all players will be able to progress in the same way, equality remains quite intact and without imbalances.

What can we buy?

In order not to break the balance in the fighting, from Warner Bros Games they have pointed out that players will be able to get items that they can equip. Some will be the result of rewards for hours of play or challenges completed, but others will not be accessible if we do not spend money, both real and gold and Gleamium. So write down everything you can buy:

  • fighters: Over time, Multiversus will increase its roster of fighters, which we can buy by themes, franchises or special packs that are formed.
  • scenarios: In the same way, you can also enjoy new locations to accompany the franchises present with places that are well-known and very recognizable by fans.
  • appearances– Each fighter will be able to display different outfits that you will have ready to buy in the Multiverse digital store.
  • gestures: As is already the case in Fortnite, the poses of our character will also be marketed, so after a tight match you will see how the fighters make fun of the loser… without scruples.
  • Accessories: caps, glasses, floats and other elements that change the appearance (partially) of our fighter cannot be missing.
  • Banners: They provide certain extras to the character during combat.
  • Gold and Gleamiumwhich are the two resources that allow us to acquire content within multiverse.

all game modes

Although we can imagine the ways it will have multiversethe official and announced by the company are:

  • Combat tutorials.
  • Team fights 2 vs. 2 (cooperative online and local).
  • Fights 1 vs. 1.
  • Battles for 4 players, all against all.
  • Team fights of 2 vs. AI.
  • Personal online rooms.
  • Practice mode (called The Lab).

What characters can we control?

MultiVersus Roster.

Multiversus He has a long way to go but it is certain that his “to be or not to be” is at stake on the roster. And the truth is that the free version that we can download completely free allows us to choose between 18 fighters available: 17 belong to well-known Warner Bros franchises and only one is original to this title.

And are next:

Franchise Character’s name
Adventure Time Finn
DC Comics Batman
harley quinn
Game of Thrones arya stark
The iron Giant Iron Giant
looney tunes bugs bunny
rick and morty Rick
spacejam Lebron James
Steven Universe Steven Universe
Tom and Jerry Tom
multiverse Perreno

Can you play it right now?

Since last July 26 multiverse It is in open beta phase so you can participate and start testing what its combats will be like. To play it you only have to have a compatible platform from the one indicated above and access the digital store of the console. There you will find the client to download it completely free and start playing with it.

Warner Bros Games reports that all progress from this open beta will remain live when a release date is officially set so it looks like the process opened on July 26 has become a early access covert. So don’t be afraid to buy something or put hours into it for rewards, because they’ll stick around for the long haul. release final of the game in the coming weeks.

Although if you want to acquire any of the three Founder’s Pack You’ll start with quite a lot of cattle, and not just a ticket to get one of the characters. You can access the selection page for these editions from here.

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