Charge Amps arrives in Spain

That the Swedish firm Charge Amps has finally landed in our country It is further proof that, although slowly, the electric car continues to grow in Spain. We still have a long way to go, especially if we want to meet the goals that have been defined for the transition to a less polluting mobility model. A key objective to improve the quality of the air we breathe every day.

In the Charge Amps solutions catalog we find proposals for single-family homes, communities, offices and spaces for public use, in all cases with the design parameters that govern the brand’s creations and that, undoubtedly, are far from the devices of this type that we are used to seeing, providing a design touch that is very attractive, and that will make fit especially well in certain environments.

Its proposal to take the first steps in the Spanish market consists of charging points, charging cables and a set of accessories to use with them.

Charge Amps arrives in Spain

Charge Amps chargers

  • Charge Amps Halo: With a compact design, it has a fixed cable and allows loads with a power between 3.7 and 11 kilowatts. It has LED lights to facilitate connection in dark conditions (for example if you are outdoors and the vehicle is connected at night) and, in addition, it has an additional socket for an electric bicycle or a motor heater. Regarding its resistance, it has obtained the IP66 certification.
  • Charge Amps Aura: With two charging sockets, it is capable of providing up to 22 kilowatts for each one of them, which makes it the most suitable option for homes in which there is more than one electric vehicle, or if there is only one but we usually receive visitors from other people who also have an electric car.

A very interesting aspect of both chargers is that they are smart, and not just in terms of its ability to adjust the charging power. They also have Internet connectivity, more specifically to a proprietary service in the cloud, from which we can verify their status and make the configuration settings we need.

Charge Amps arrives in Spain

Charge Amps Cables

  • Charge Amps Beam: Connectable to recharging points with the European type 2 standard, this cable supports loads of up to 20 A, and has a design that allows it to be used normally even at low temperatures. It is possible to flex it in temperatures down to -25 degrees. Includes a case for easy storage.
  • Charge Amps Ray: Although the ideal is to use charging points, sometimes we will need to use a normal plug. For this purpose, this smart cable has temperature sensors to avoid risks, and it will control the electrical flow so that the load is always safe.

And as for accessories, in its catalog we find from mounts for its chargers, to systems that optimize the load in relation to the rest of the consumption of the home, to avoid producing peaks in demand.

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