Charge Magic Mouse while in use, and much more. The best of the week in I’m from Mac

i'm from mac

One more week we want to make a review of the most important or outstanding news in I am from Mac. In this case we have to anticipate that the week was full of rumors and news regarding the Apple world, so we have selected some of them for review them this first Sunday of April.

Magic Mouse

We start with a piece of news that shows us the ingenuity of some users to be able to solve what is undoubtedly one of Apple’s biggest “shits” in terms of design. The Magic Mouse cannot be charged while in use, so a user invented this gadget that allows us to do just that, charge the mouse while we continue to use it normally. It is not clear if it will come to fruition but for now there it is.

It seems that the Apple Watch is having charging problems again after the latest version released by Apple. Several users complain on the networks that since they have updated their Apple Watch Series 7 to watchOS 8.5, fast charging has stopped working. If you are one of those users, don’t worry, and wait for Apple to fix it soon with a new update.

apple event

We continue with another of this week’s outstanding news with which it refers to the financial results conference of this last quarter. There are many doubts about whether Apple’s revenue for this last quarter of the year will exceed by much or little the results of the same period in the previous year. In this case the company is expected to continue breaking revenue records this quarterWe’ll see if it works or not.

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