ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence and SaaS mark the customer service of the future

The customer service have been fully digitized. This circumstance means that Artificial Intelligence, natural language tools, ChatGPT or cloud migration They are considered as a reality of the immediate future of the sector.

Odigo, global provider of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions, has recently held its annual event, focused on the ‘Customer Experience’, under the title: CX Day All Star 2023. A day in which trends in customer service and the customer journey were presented.

Migration to the cloud adds followers in the contact center, and that is that, according to Gartner data, cloud platforms will surpass on-premise ones in 2025. In addition, innovation will have Artificial Intelligence as the main protagonist, which will contribute to favor omnichannel, hyper personalization or the reduction of waiting times.

“Customers are becoming omnichannel, which means that organizations must be present in all the channels where users are, and serve them when they want, when they request it and through the chosen device”said Lucía Álvarez, business development director of Odigo Iberia. “New technologies are essential to guarantee a connected ecosystem. In the contact center, Artificial Intelligence allows the creation of an open platform with its own integrated technology and interconnectivity with other players in the market”.

AI, omnichannel and personalized attention

Currently, the technological trends applicable to almost any sector are conditioned by the unstoppable advance of tools based on Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, the possibilities offered by this technology to contact centers and to the user experience range from the possibility of create an omnichannel ecosystemto hyper-personalization of services, including reducing waiting times and guaranteeing complete availability every day of the year.

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Another of the key trends in customer service is omnichannel and solutions with migration to the cloud. “Cloud solutions help to break the contact center barrier, making it possible to relocate teams and allow teleworking between agents”pointed out Lucía Alvarez.

With the aim of guaranteeing the hyper personalized attention on different channels, the company launched Odigo Revolution on the market, a personalized offer in which the basic channel license is available so that you can choose which communication channels to test, with tools such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp or Twitter, among many more.

A practical example of this is the following: when someone makes a query to a contact center, whatever the route, the AI ​​integrated into the contact center switchboard acts as a moderator and diverts the query to the model solution that you consider most appropriate, such as a telephone operator, a chat bot or the company’s FAQ section. In this way, it is possible to expedite traffic and reserve the staff of these structures for calls that really need them.

ChatGPT, a lever for AI adoption

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. This buzz around ChatGPT is a great sign for the industry, as we are already seeing a revitalization of AI adoption in customer relationship projects. In fact, through chatbots and callbots is already well established in the customer service and customer experience (CX) space.

In most use cases, the AI ​​intends to ease the workload of agents: automating answers to simple questions, thus promoting self-service. And, enriching the agent with information collected during the conversations between the consumer and the bot.

However, as with many other technological advances, the regulatory debate cannot be ignored: the European Commission is already considering its first legal framework on AI. This regulatory evolution should serve as a guide for the customer service industry as a collective, to ensure that the ethics surrounding AI are taken into account and understood.

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