ChatGPT augurs Bing’s victory over Google with a poem

Although all this artificial intelligence comes from afar, it was at the end of last year when the issue began to explode in terms of the consumer market and we can well anticipate that 2023 will be the year of AI in the applications we use every day, because the phenomenon is being overwhelming. We’ll see where it all goes.

Whatever happens, there is no doubt that ChatGPT is going to be one of the great workhorses and Microsoft one of the companies that is measured in this fieldgiven the huge millions that are being spent to integrate OpenAI technology into practically all its products and services, at least the major ones: Windows, Microsoft Edge, Bing, Outlook and Microsoft Office… even its cloud of professional services in the cloud, Microsoft Azure, is going to have its dose of ChatGPT.

However, where the software giant seems to have the most hopes for the momentum that ChatGPT can provide is in Bing, a search engine that depending on how you look at it is not so badly positioned – it is the second most used in the world -, but it continues to drag behind the number one in the sector, Google. Will the power of AI be able to change this situation, even if it is simply by reviving competition? We will have to see it.

It will be necessary to see it, yes; That said, at Microsoft they are enthusiastic about the invention and their internal tests are most optimistic, as can be deduced from everything they release when the opportunity arises. A sample of this optimism is the poem that you can read below, a curiosity that arose from a report that has come out, in which those responsible for it asked ChatGPT to write «a few funny verses on how Microsoft beats Google by integrating ChatGPT into Bing«:

There once was a search engine named Bing

Which was struggling, not doing much

But with ChatGPT on its side

It finally got its pride

And left Google searching for its next fling

In Spanish (free adaptation):

Once upon a time there was a search engine called Bing.

Which struggled, without getting much

But with ChatGPT on your side

finally achieved his goal

And he left Google looking for his next company.

As has been pointed out, it is still a curiosity without any background, but that the IA -and ChatGPT as the main exponent- It is hitting hard, no one doubts it. So much so that Bing will stand up to Google? In my experience, ChatGPT is very interesting for many things and not recommended for others, but of course, what I have tried is what everyone else has, the disabled version, which is not the same one that Microsoft will take advantage of.

And on the other hand, Google is not going to be quiet: He already has his bard warming up. Now to see which of the two she writes better poems. But don’t let the colors cloud your judgement: AI is not going to solve all your problems and both Bing and Google, being two excellent search engines, are also two services that do not respect your privacy. There are alternatives.

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