ChatGPT, is it the new craze substitute for the metaverse or virtual reality?

It is quite common for the Internet to move by fashion or by striking ideas. For as long as I can remember, I have seen many fads that have come and gone like a sugar cube. Graphene, 3D printers, the metaverse or virtual reality are some examples. It will be the artificial intelligence and ChatGPT a distraction until the next fashion?

The fact that he talks about fashion means that they are irrelevant topics or things, on the contrary. I speak of these elements because they have been things that have given a lot of talk and have become niche. 3D printers are still used by many people, but it seemed that we were all going to have one (or at least that’s how it was sold) and it’s not like that.

There was a rush to create a metaverse, now to put ChatGPT in everything

For months everyone had to use the metaverse tomorrow and get into Web3. The company Facebookin a display of going too far, changed its name to Meta. But, the ridicule of Zuckerberg’s company was enormous when presenting its metaverse that looked like a copy of Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch.

The virtual reality It was going to be the future of computer and console gaming, and in the end, it has come to something very niche. The high cost of the glasses and the cost of the necessary hardware make them inaccessible. Something like this happened with 3D on televisions and computers, which were intended to be the future and came to nothing.

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Artificial intelligence has become fashionable now, due to ChatGPT. This tool, to which you throw a question and it answers you in a “coherent” way, is revolutionizing the internet. Of course, it is far from being an optimal reality, showing many failures or giving answers that are not very correct.

There is a brutal rush to integrate this tool everywhere, when it is not necessary. microsoft wants integrate it in its Bin finderg, there are even rumors about a future integration in Windows. Can use ChatGPT now from WhatsApp, among other integrations that still don’t make much sense.

Everything points to a simple temporary fashion before the arrival, in 2-3 years, of a new “disruptive” technology. And it is that it will arrive, sooner or later, “forgetting” about that revolutionary technology that has fallen by the wayside.

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Time stretches on the internet

One minute in reality, in many cases, can be equivalent to a month on the internet. We can see how in minutes something irrelevant becomes a trend on Twitter and after hours, nobody remembers. This also happens with other things, such as interest.

The reality is that ChatGPT is a passing trend, in general. It can be integrated into many sites, giving many applications, but it will remain diffuse in the background. It will go from being the center of attention on the internet to staying in, something else. There will come a day when no one will remember it or have heard of its existence, like HD-DVD, SSHD, “eee PC” or like NVIDIA 3D Vision.

There are always new technologies that replace the old ones or are simply forgotten because they didn’t interest many people. Artificial intelligence is really a fad, which will later be integrated into many sites and generates indifference. What’s more, many smartphones have AI functions, especially in the camera and does anyone care?

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