Cheap 3-in-1 adapters for your Nintendo Switch

It will not be necessary to remember that, due to the hybrid condition of Nintendo Switch that we can use it as a desktop and portable machine, it is mandatory to have a dock where to leave it, that it charges and that it can be connected to the television to play on the big screen. For that we have the one that comes standard with the console when we buy it, but how do we do it if we have to take it to another place?

cheaper adapters

As we tell you, although when buying a Nintendo Switch OLED, or the original model, we get a dock serial, If you have another television at home, it is not very operative to be disconnecting everything to take it from one place to another. It is best to have a second booth but you still don’t want to spend that much because the official Japanese one costs a bit, around 70 euros –or more– depending on where you buy it.

So for those secondary screens, or going to a colleague’s house, nothing better than a more modest adapter, that it is not as perfect as the one designed by Nintendo and, very importantly, that it really works to obtain an image from the USB-C port. Remember that there are some adapters that do not work, so it is important at this point that you are sure that it will work with your Switch.

So let’s go with it for what We have selected three models of 3-in-1 adapters which include the possibility – already mentioned – of taking the image to a Smart TV through the HDMI connector, charging the console through the USB-C port and adding an extra normal USB to connect controls and other accessories. And that they are also cheaper than the original Nintendo option.

Models to wear and carry

These 3-in-1 adapters –as they are called in some stores like Amazon– they have the virtue of being very manageable so we can take them with us everywhere, if we have a large enough case. In the case of the model that we bring you in the first place, it has a really simple design, very beautiful and that matches the console. It has a USB-C charging port, HDMI and normal USB for accessories.

The second is a lightened version of the dock from nintendo but much more functional and transportable. It keeps the console in an upright position and also offers USB-C connectors for charging, HDMI and regular USB to connect other accessories.

Finally, we bring you a more compact option, a tad more expensive than the previous ones but below the official Nintendo one, and it works as an adapter to power the console, so we avoid having to bring and bring the official one from the Japanese. It is the most versatile adapter of the three and also has USB-C, HDMI and normal USB ports.

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