Cheap battery-powered or expensive battery-powered mouse, which one saves more?

Working with a wireless mouse may seem silly, but it ceases to be so when we find ourselves in situations where it is impossible to use them despite being close to our PC. For example, when we have a pet that gnaws or bites the cables. But, a question that comes to us when buying the new pointer is the following: cordless mouse with batteries or battery? We will try to solve this question.

The use of lithium batteries has completely changed the way we use many devices. It is only necessary to connect them to the electrical network so that they are recharged and can be used for a few hours. However, this supposes an extra cost on the product and if we talk about something as essential as a mouse where the batteries can last a long time, then that is when the dilemma comes in when buying a new unit.

Batteries or batteries for a wireless mouse?

If we talk about everyday use, we could solve this question quickly with a simple answer: neither one thing nor the other, for For us, it is best to have a set of rechargeable batteries with some set of them always charged. That is, to alternate them so that in this way we always have our mouse working at the maximum possible power and not having to depend on charging cables of any kind continuously. Which is important if you are a laptop user or a MiniPC with few available USB ports.

Although the main key is in the price, a mouse with a rechargeable battery will always cost much more than one that works with batteries. To top it off, if the battery reaches the end of its life cycle, you will have to throw the pointer in the trash. Since the battery is usually integrated into its structure. Instead, you won’t have this problem with a battery-powered one. In addition, we must highlight that we do not recommend, due to environmental pollution issues, the use of disposable batteries. So we recommend you buy a rechargeable battery kit. The type? It will depend on the type that your wireless mouse supports.

wireless mouse batteries

On the other hand, if you are a regular MOBA, MMO and RTS player

However, we must clarify that mice that come with a rechargeable battery due to their higher cost and price usually compensate. with better technical specifications. So, if you plan to use them for professional gaming, then you will find them with higher DPI, extra buttons, ability to program macros into them for shortcuts, etc. Not in vain, the best mouse of the moment is the Logitech G502 Lightspeed and falls into this category.

So it will depend on the use you give the mouse and your needs at all times when choosing a wireless mouse with batteries or battery. This is not to fall short, but if you are not going to use certain functions, then it is better not to go so far when buying a wireless mouse.

new logitech g502x mouse

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