Cheap Nvidia Shield TV and Nvidia Shield TV Pro: where to buy them at the best price?

Where to buy Nvidia Shield TV and Nvidia Shield TV Pro at the cheapest prices. If you wish to acquire one of them, know that it is possible to order them on the online stores Amazon, Boulanger, Cdiscount, Darty, Fnac and Rue du Commerce.

đź’°Nvidia Shield TV and Shield TV Pro 2019 cheap: what are the best deals?

Amazon, Rue du Commerce and Boulanger are the brands that offer the Shield TV Pro 2019 at the best price: 199 €. The Shield TV 2019 is offered at the lowest price on the side of all the brands at 149 €.

Availability of the Nvidia Shield TV


Availability of the Nvidia Shield TV Pro

🙄What is new on the Nvidia Shield TV 2019?

The 2019 Shield TV sees a big change from the previous generation, aesthetically speaking. Indeed, the device is in the form of a cylindrical tube with ports on each side, designed to be placed in the extension of the HDMI cable of the television. Side technical characteristics, it embeds 2 GB of RAM memory, a Tegra X1 + processor, as well as 8 GB of internal storage, expandable via a microSD port.

To connect it to your internet network, you have two options: via its integrated Gigabit Ethernet port or wirelessly via its WiFi 802.11 ac connectivity. Like the Pro variant, it comes with its new remote control, the Shield TV Remote, with an original triangular design and incorporating advanced features such as voice search, and six months of battery life.

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🤔What can be done with the Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019?

Regarding the Nvidia Shield TV Pro, the manufacturer has used the same format and design of the previous version released in 2015. On the hardware side, there is a Tegra X1 + SoC, with support for Plex, SmartThings Link, but also game streaming on Switch and the possibility of playing advanced Android games (Half-Life 2 series, Portal 2, Borderlands: TPS, Borderlands 2, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Resident Evil 5, Doom 3, Tomb Raider, The Witness… etc.) .

The onboard box offers 2 USB 3.0 ports, 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage expandable via a microSD card. Just like the classic Shield TV 2019, the Shield Pro includes image and sound enhancement technologies such as Dolby Vision (compatibility with HDR10 is also there), Dolby Atmos sound, and a new upscaling algorithm particularly efficient. Nvidia mobilizes the AI ​​capabilities of the Tegra X1 + to switch from 720p or 1080p content to 4K / UHD format with a bluffing result of clarity.

🔎What apps are preloaded on the Nvidia Shield TV 2019?

Natively, the Shield TV 2019 runs on Android TC and automatically integrates Google services and applications such as the Google Play Store giving access to more than a million applications. The factory box integrates the following applications: Netflix which allows you to have access to a catalog rich in series, films and original Netflix programs (up to 4K HDR), Amazon Video, Plex, Plex Media Server, Nvidia Games , GameStream and Nvidia Share.

đź’˝What are the different expandable storage options?

If you want to expand the storage space of your Nvidia Shield 2019, you have a large number of options available. You can thus go through USB peripherals supporting a multitude of compatible devices such as Flash drives, hard disks, etc …

In order to optimize the performance and speed of your system, and transform an external USB storage device into an internal storage device, you must proceed as follows: Go to Settings then Storage & Reset, select the name of the drive and choose the ‘internal storage option. Finally, if you have a NAS storage device, you have the option of connecting your Shield TV to your local network in order to access your shared content.

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