Cheapest Kindle drops in price again with this great deal

Still haven’t decided on a Kindle? Well again we are going to put you in front of one of those tempting offers that could make you finally change your mind. It turns out that the cheapest model of Amazon is now from reduction, So if it had a good price before, now it is even more attractive if possible. You can’t let it get away

Cheapest Kindle on Amazon

The official price of the cheapest Kindle in the Amazon catalog is 89.99 euros, as you probably already know. A very fair cost for a tremendously effective and capable product that perfectly fulfills its purpose: bringing you hundreds of books with just one click for comfortable reading.

Now, however, it has fallen in price again to be placed at an even lower price. only 69.99 euros. An offer of 20% that allows you to reduce the cost of the equipment by 20 euros and take home the e-book reader at a fantastic price.

Available in black and white colors, it is Sold and Fulfilled by Amazon (obvious) and you could have it at home tomorrow, if you are a Prime subscriber, without shipping costs – failing that on Friday with free delivery too. Click on these lines and put it in your shopping cart before it goes up again. Who warns …

Perfect for tireless days of reading

That Amazon’s Kindle are the best-selling e-reader devices is no accident. The family offers readers a very capable team in which reading books is pleasant and comfortable, allowing you to carry hundreds of them in the pocket wherever you go.

In the case of the Kindle, it also allows you to do it without investing a lot of money. And it is that this model is the simplest and economic of the range, without skimping on good performance. This is how it looks like a 6-inch glare-free screen with a resolution of 167 dpi that holds up even in the sun. When you lack light you can also enjoy the equipment, since it has 4 adjustable LEDs on the front to illuminate.

Kindle ebook

It has 8 GB of storage, connectivity Wifi and boasts weeks of autonomy. Its body is very manageable and light, being comfortable to grip and being able to grip with one hand. A perfect companion to go with you anywhere and that can now be yours at a fantastic price – eye that also serves as a good Christmas gift idea.

You can’t stay without it.

Key features of the Kindle

  • 6 ″ screen without reflections
  • 167 pixels per inch and 16-tone grayscale
  • Weeks of autonomy
  • Full charge in approx. 4 hours via USB cable
  • Front light with 4 adjustable LEDs
  • 8 GB of storage for thousands of books
  • 174 grams of weight

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