Check out this funny video by Brian Tong titled “Return of the Mac”

Brian Tong He is a very popular American youtuber among Apple device users. His vision of technology, always based on humor and fun, is somewhat unique, and he has a true passion for pots with a silk-screened apple.

His latest contribution on his YouTube channel will not leave you indifferent: an imitation of Mark Morrison from his 90s theme “Return of the Mack,” starring the new MacBook Pro. You’re going to laugh, for sure.

The new laptops Macbook pro With the new M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, they are undoubtedly being liked by all those who have already enjoyed one of them for a few weeks now. All professional and creative audio and video users are delighted with their new Apple notebooks.

In a fun and very well done parody, the well-known youtuber from the Apple scene Brian Tong, has reissued the Mark Morrison hit in the 90s, «Return of the mack«, With a new vision much more technological, with the MacBook Pro as the protagonist.

The video, titled how could it be otherwise «Return of the mac«, Was written and performed by YouTuber Brian Tong. He himself explains that most of the scenes were shot with an iPhone 13 Pro.

The fun music clip includes some clever rhymes about the features of the new MacBook Pros that Apple released a few weeks ago. He talks about the ports, the new M1 processors, and even parodies the quote from Phil Schiller “I can’t innovate my ass anymore.”

And all of this set with the same ’90s aesthetic as Mark Morrison’s original video, including the singer’s signature gold chain. A large part of the video clip was filmed in front of the building’s Apple Store Tower theater of the Angels.

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